Student Additions Account

Be the master of your budget with our award-winning student account, and use the Barclays app1 to stay on top of your money.

When you open a student account with us before 31 March 2021, you’ll get a free 12-month subscription to Perlego. It’s an online library, giving you access to over 400,000 academic and non-fiction titles. Terms and conditions apply.

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To open an account, you’ll need to

  • Be at least 18 and in full-time higher education, or a higher apprentice (level 4+)
  • Have a UK mobile number and a UK residential address
  • Show photo ID, such as a passport, driving licence or biometric residence permit

Already bank with us?

If so, you can use our app* to apply for a Student Additions Account. You’ll need to

  • Be 18 or over
  • Be in full-time higher education – including higher apprentices (level 4+)

*This excludes holders of a Young Person's Account, as you’ll be automatically upgraded to a Student Additions Account in December. If you need a student account sooner, we’ll be in touch with details on how to do this. 

Here's what you get


About Perlego

You’ll get a free 12-month subscription to Perlego* if you open a Student Additions Account with us before 31 March 2021.

Billed as the Spotify for textbooks, Perlego is the online library that gives you unlimited access to over 400,000 academic and non-fiction books. Their mission is to make learning material more affordable and accessible for all.

Got a voucher? Redeem it now. 

It’s time to return to your studies – so sign up to Perlego now to make the most of what it has to offer. 

*Terms and conditions apply

Apply for an interest free arranged overdraft when opening your account

If you’re a UK student, you don't need to pay interest on arranged overdrafts up to £3,000. 

Maximum interest free arranged overdraft limits

  • Account opening and during your first term – up to £500 
  • Year 1 – up to £1,000
  • Year 2 – up to £2,000
  • Year 3 and beyond – up to £3,000

Maximum arranged overdraft amount may be different than the amounts shown above (subject to application, financial circumstances, borrowing history and lending criteria).

Arranged overdrafts are repayable on demand. Interest charges are variable. 

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Pay on the go

You can use your mobile to make payments – Apple Pay3 is unlimited (check with the retailer) or you can spend up to £100 with Contactless Mobile4.

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General information about overdrafts

An overdraft limit is a borrowing facility which allows you to borrow money through your current account.

There are two types of overdraft - arranged and unarranged.

An arranged overdraft is a pre-agreed limit, which lets you spend more money than you have in your current account. It can be a safety net to cover short-term outgoings, like an unexpected bill. It is not suitable for longer-term borrowing. We charge you for every day of the month that you use your arranged overdraft where you go beyond any interest free limit you may have.

An unarranged overdraft is when you spend more money than you have in your current account and you have not agreed an arranged overdraft limit with us in advance or you have exceeded an existing arranged borrowing facility.

You can only make payments from your account if you have enough money in your account or through an arranged overdraft to cover them. Barclays will always attempt to return any transaction that could take your account into an unarranged overdraft position. Having enough money in your current account or having an arranged overdraft limit could help prevent payments such as priority bills from being returned unpaid.

On very rare occasions we may be unable to return a payment (e.g. due to an offline transaction made on a flight) and the account may enter an unarranged overdraft. No additional charges will be applied in this situation.

Information regarding the conduct of your account may be sent to credit reference agencies. As with any debt or borrowing, this may affect your ability to get credit in the future.

Our Eligibility tool can show you the likelihood of getting an arranged overdraft and the overdraft calculator lets you see how much it could cost to use an overdraft. To use these tools and find out more about overdraft charges, please visit www.barclays.co.uk/youroverdraft.

If we hold a valid mobile number for you, we’ll automatically enrol you to receive relevant alerts regarding borrowing and refused payments, to help you avoid charges. You can also choose to receive additional alerts, including Low Balance and Large Credit or Debit. Tailor your alerts to your personal needs online, by phone or in branch. To find out more, visit Barclays.co.uk/alerts.

Money tips for freshers

Get in touch

Questions about our Student Additions Account? We’re here to help.

Web chat

Please don’t share any account information during your chat.

Tweet us

Tweet us a question @BarclaysUKHelp and we’ll respond within 2 hours.

Account information and fees

You’ll find full details about banking with us and the terms and conditions of our Student Additions Account in the following PDFs:

Terms and conditions for personal customers

Current accounts – our bank charges explained [PDF, 389KB]5

Fee Information Document - Student Additions [PDF, 324KB]

14-day trial period

If you’re not happy with your account, you have a 14-day period in which to cancel your account or switch to another account. This begins on the account opening date or the date your receive your terms and conditions and other account information, whichever is later.

Your feedback

We want to hear from you if you’re unhappy with our service. You can complain in person, in a branch, in writing, by email or over the phone. You can get a leaflet detailing how we deal with complaints in any of our branches, on this site or from the Barclays Information Line on 0800 400 1004. The line is open between 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week. Alternatively, write to Barclays, Leicester LE87 2BB.

If we don’t resolve your complaint internally to your satisfaction, you may be able to refer it to The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR (telephone: 08000 234 567). The Financial Ombudsman Service is an organisation set up by law to give consumers a free and independent service for resolving disputes with financial firms. Details of those who are eligible complainants can be obtained from the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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