Barclays Bank Account

Flexible, rewarding banking

Apply to open an account that lets you earn rewards1 for banking with us and an app2 that helps you keep your money under control.

  1. No fees to open or use your account

  2. Join Barclays Blue Rewards to be eligible for cash rewards1

  3. Someone to answer your questions – call us, chat online or visit a branch

  4. With the option of applying for an arranged overdraft, subject to status3

  5. Cashback4 when you shop through the Barclays app.

You could use your phone to open an account

Apply with a video selfie

If you’re over 18, not a full-time student and the account’s for you only, you can apply in the Barclays app4 – scroll down to ‘How to apply’ to start your application.

You’ll need to enter a few details, take a video selfie with your phone, and upload a picture of your ID for us to check. We’ll also run a quick credit check.

That’s it – we’ll let you know when you’re ready to start using your new account – that means you can start the switch from your old account if you want to.

Switch and you can start earning rewards

Barclays Blue Rewards is our way of saying thanks for banking with us by giving you cash rewards every month – providing you stay eligible.

Once you’ve joined, you can get up to £7 a month for using your account. We’ll give you £3.50 for each of the first two Direct Debits you pay out from the account.

Switching is simple – it takes just seven working days, and the full switch option is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee [PDF, 38KB].

Manage your money with the Barclays app

  • Spending insights

See a summary of the types of things you pay for and compare how much you spend with specific shops and businesses month by month.

  • Flexible security controls

Temporarily freeze your debit card if you can’t find it, get a reminder of your PIN and set a daily limit for cash-machine withdrawals.

  • Track your payments easily

Tap a payment to see when and where you spent your money, and check your payment calendar to see what’s due to leave your account before pay day.

General information about overdrafts

An overdraft limit is a borrowing facility which allows you to borrow money through your current account.

There are two types of overdraft – arranged and unarranged.

An arranged overdraft is a pre-agreed limit, which lets you spend more money than you have in your current account. It can be a safety net to cover short-term outgoings, like an unexpected bill. It is not suitable for longer-term borrowing. We charge you for every day of the month that you use your arranged overdraft where you go beyond any fee-free limit you may have.

An unarranged overdraft is when you spend more money than you have in your current account and you have not agreed an arranged overdraft limit with us in advance or you have exceeded an existing arranged borrowing facility.

You can only make payments from your account if you have enough money in your account or through an arranged overdraft to cover them. Barclays will always attempt to return any transaction that could take your account into an unarranged overdraft position. Having enough money in your current account or having an arranged overdraft limit could help prevent payments such as priority bills from being returned unpaid.

On very rare occasions we may be unable to return a payment (e.g. due to an offline transaction made on a flight) and the account may enter an unarranged overdraft. No additional charges will be applied in this situation.

Information regarding the conduct of your account may be sent to credit reference agencies. As with any debt or borrowing, this may affect your ability to get credit in the future.

Our Eligibility tool can show you the likelihood of getting an arranged overdraft and the overdraft calculator lets you see how much it could cost to use an overdraft. To use these tools and find out more about overdraft charges, please visit

If we hold a valid mobile number for you, we’ll automatically enrol you to receive relevant alerts regarding borrowing and refused payments, to help you avoid charges. You can also choose to receive additional alerts, including Low Balance and Large Credit or Debit. Tailor your alerts to your personal needs online, by phone or in branch. To find out more, visit

Opening an account during the coronavirus situation

The quickest way to open your account is by getting the Barclays app on your phone or device and applying from there. If we’re able to offer you an account, you can start using it straight away in the app.

How to apply

It’s simple, safe and secure – and if you already have a Barclays account, you can apply for another one in Online Banking or our app.

Sole Account

Use the Barclays app to apply for an account if you

  • Are 18 or older and not in full-time education. If you’re under 18 or a student, explore our other accounts
  • Have a UK mobile number and home address. Don't have these? You can apply online instead
  • Provide a photo ID, like a passport, driving licence or most national ID cards. Don't have these? You can apply online instead.

Joint Account

Apply online for an account you’ll share with someone if you

  • Are both 18 or older and not in full-time education
  • Have a UK mobile number, and you’re both present during the application
  • Have both been resident full-time in the UK for at least 12 months.

Download the Barclays app to open a current account

Tap the logo you need, and it’ll take you straight to the app in your app store.

Terms and conditions

Please read these important guides to your rights and responsibilities when using the Barclays Bank Account

Important information

1. To be eligible for Barclays Blue Rewards, you need to have a current account with us, pay a £4 monthly fee and make sure that at least £800 is paid into the account each month.

2. Terms and conditions apply. You must have a current account with us, be aged 16 or over and have a mobile number to use the Barclays app.

3. If you are over 18 and live in the UK, you can apply for an arranged overdraft, subject to financial circumstances and borrowing history.

4. You can read about our terms and conditions for cashback and other offers you might come across when using your new Barclays Bank Account.