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Accessibility and disability

Supporting the needs of all our customers

Our services

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Blind or visual impairment

Practical ways to make banking easier if you’re blind, have sight impairment or difficulty reading.

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Deaf, hearing loss or speech impairment

How we can help make banking easier if you’re deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment.

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Mobility or dexterity impairment

Tools you may find useful to access our branches and services.

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We offer services to reflect the fact that people learn and understand information in different ways.

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Living with illness or disability

How to get the right support with your finances and for your wellbeing

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Third-party access to bank accounts

Getting help, or helping someone else

From power of attorney to Court of Protection orders, we explain the options for getting help to manage your accounts, and what to do if you’ve been appointed to help someone else.

Other services and information

Changing your settings

If you want to make your computer or device easier to use, we’ve created a site with disability charity AbilityNet to show you how to do so.

Our latest developments

Keeping you up-to-date

We’re committed to inclusive design and accessible services – using new technology to make banking easier for you.

Our guides

Read more about our accessible services and other ways to bank in our ‘Making banking easier’ brochure [PDF, 3.74MB].

Also, our ‘Banking Made Clearer’ quick reference guide [PDF, 6.13MB] was written in partnership with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. It uses simple, clear language with lots of imagery.

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Our ambition is to become the most accessible bank. This is an ongoing process so please let us know if you have suggestions of what more we can do.


If you use BSL (British Sign Language), talk to us safely and easily through our SignVideo service.

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