How we can help and support you

Dealing with the financial affairs of someone close to you when you’re grieving is never easy. We hope our guide will help you through this difficult time.

What to do when someone dies

We’re here to give you practical guidance and support you every step of the way.

1. First steps

From registering the death to dealing with the person’s financial affairs, we’ll support you at every step.

2. Letting us know

Choose how you prefer to let us know about someone’s death. We’ll explain what to do at each step – and you can even provide the documents we need using our online notification form.

3. Financial and emotional support

You’re not alone – we’ll guide you through the practicalities, and let you know about ways to get further help.

Things to remember

Your personal reference number

We’ll give you a personal reference number beginning with BRV – please keep it handy and mention it when contacting us.

Book an appointment

We recommend booking an appointment on 03457 345 3451 if you’d like to visit a branch, so you won’t have to wait.

Balancing the accounts

If the deceased has loans, overdrafts or a Barclaycard with us, we’ll recover what they owe from their existing account(s).

Power of attorney

Once a person dies, powers of attorney set up on their account may cease to exist.

Contact us


You can call us on 0800 068 22382 (option 2) to speak directly to a dedicated adviser from our bereavement team.


You can write to us at

Bereavement Service Centre
Barclays Bank UK PLC
LE87 2BB

If you have a personal reference number, beginning with BRV, please add it to any pages you send us.

Useful reading

Bereavement guide

Here’s a pdf that you can download and print for reference, as you go through the process of notifying us and closing accounts.

Definition of terms

Check our glossary for an explanation of any legal terms you’re unfamiliar with.

Questions and answers