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Think you’ve been a victim?

How to report fraud or a scam

Find out what to do if you’re worried about a card payment, how to report fraud and scams and what happens after you tell us, plus get tips on how to help protect yourself.

Worried about a card payment?

If you’ve made a card payment and there’s a problem with it, talk to the company you paid first

Let the company you paid know first if there’s a problem with the goods, services or payment amount. If they can’t or won’t put it right, report the problem to us. You can call us using the number on the back of your card or use the Barclays app1 or Online Banking: 

  1. Log in and select the transaction you need help with
  2. Select ‘Help with this transaction’
  3. Complete the questions

For more information about when you can claim and how to do it, visit our page about getting support with debit card purchases.

If you don’t recognise a payment, check if it could be genuine

Not all unrecognised payments are fraudulent. Before you contact us, please consider if it could be:

  1. A payment you made to a company trading with a different name
  2. A payment made by someone else who shares your account
  3. A recurring card payment that you’ve agreed to for an online service, in an app or as part of a free trial that has now ended.

If you still think the payment is fraudulent, or you’ve been scammed and have lost money, please report it to us as soon as possible so we can look into it for you. There are different numbers to call depending on whether you’re reporting fraud or a scam, and where you are – you can find them below.

What is fraud?

Fraud is when someone steals your bank or personal details, and uses them to authorise a transaction from your account without you knowing. It’s a transaction you don’t recognise.

What is a scam

A scam is where you’re tricked into making a payment to a scammer, who steals the money. Scammers impersonate people and organsations you trust, using emails, phone calls, and texts that seem genuine.

Common questions about reporting fraud

Common questions about reporting scams

Keeping your money safe

Learn about our guarantee for the Barclays app and Online Banking, and how we can help protect you from fraud.

Protect yourself from fraud and scams

Help protect your money. Find out what to look out for and learn steps you can take to avoid fraud and scams.

Report suspicious emails and texts

If you get a suspicious email or text please forward it, along with any attachments if possible, to internetsecurity@barclays.com

You can also get the National Cyber Security Centre to review any suspicious emails you receive. They’ll check the links and remove any websites that are connected to scams. Forward suspicious emails to report@phishing.gov.uk

Keep your mobile devices safe

Protect yourself from fraudsters by learning how to use your device’s security features and how to stay safe online.