Protecting your account

How we help to keep your money safe

We always look out for threats from fraudsters. Here are some measures we take to make sure your money is secure.

24-hour protection

We’re looking out for you and your money round the clock so you can rest assured we never stop working to keep your finances safe.

Contactless payments

When you make contactless payments, you are protected from fraud just like you are with chip and PIN purchases and online purchases.

As long as you haven’t been negligent (for example, by letting someone else use your card), you're not liable for any fraud on your account. 

If you suspect there’s been fraud on your account, that someone else might know your personal details, or your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately. 

Want to know more?

Read one of our articles to find out more about fraud and scams, and how to protect yourself.

How to avoid scams

Learn how to protect yourself, and where to go for help if you're a victim.

Investment company clones

Learn how scammers mimic real investment companies to trick you and steal your cash, and what to look out for.

…and we’ve plenty to help you keep an eye on your cards too

A woman working in a café holds a bank card as she speaks to a customer

Card security and spending controls

Our fraud prevention features put you in control of your debit card payments. You can set spending limits and choose how your card works - and instantly update your preferences to suit your needs.

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