Hearing or speech services

Making banking easier

We’ve developed ways to help you if you’re deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment.

  • SignVideo from home

    Our SignVideo service helps you call any of our phone numbers and talk to us safely if you use British Sign Language (BSL). It connects you to an interpreter who can communicate your sign language to the adviser.

    It’s available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays (excluding bank holidays). Watch this video to see how to set up and use it.

    Before you can use SignVideo, you’ll need to read and accept these terms and conditions:

    The Barclays Group uses and retains details you give about yourself and others to provide quotes, to manage your account, for research or analysis and to prevent fraud. These details, which may include health and conviction information, will be shared with insurers, agents and fraud-prevention agencies for these purposes. If we transfer data to an overseas organisation, we’ll ensure they apply the same level of protection as we’re required to apply.

    We use credit-reference and fraud-prevention agencies to make credit, identity, fraud and other enquiries about you and people financially associated with you. Credit-reference agencies (CRAs) will check the details supplied against any particulars on any database they have access to, public or otherwise. They’ll keep a record of our search, which can be accessed by other organisations, and this may impact your ability to obtain more credit within a short period of time. Your information will also be shared with fraud-prevention agencies. If you go on to borrow from us, we’ll share information about you, and how you manage your borrowing with CRAs, which may be used by other organisations to make decisions. The information that you provide may also be used by Barclays and CRAs for research, analysis and product-development purposes.

    By proceeding, you’re confirming your agreement to these checks being undertaken as necessary.

    Calls will be recorded for training and quality purposes.

  • BSL interpretation in-branch

    British Sign Language (BSL) is the most widely used sign language in the UK – and we’re the only bank that offers you instant access to online BSL interpretation for branch appointments. You can also ask us to book a face-to-face interpreter to attend your appointment if you prefer.

    Request a SignVideo session for instant interpretation

    Our SignVideo service gives you access to an online BSL interpreter for your appointment at a branch. We connect to a fully qualified SignVideo interpreter using an iPad, so you can see them on the screen.

    If you’d like to use instant interpretation, just let us know when you book your appointment. We’ll then provide the iPad and set up everything so the SignVideo interpreter is ready to assist you during your appointment. If you need any help, a member of the branch team will be on hand.

    Book a face-to-face BSL or deafblind interpreter

    If you’d prefer to have an interpreter assist you with your meeting in person, we can arrange for a registered BSL or Deafblind interpreter to attend.

    Contact a branch  to book a face-to-face interpreter – we may need up to 2 weeks’ notice to arrange the meeting.

  • Hearing-induction loops

    Fixed and portable hearing-induction loops act as transmitters that cut-out background noise. This can make communicating with branch staff easier if you have a hearding aid.

    You can check your hearing aid is compatible by looking for the setting marked ‘T’. If it is, set it to this position. Our staff will make sure the hearing-induction loop is switched on and you’ll be able to communicate straightaway.

    All of our branches have at least one counter position with a hearing-induction loop fitted and one portable device. If you have any problems locating or using it, just ask a member of staff.

  • Online Banking

    Online Banking is a way to do your banking in your own time without having to visit a branch. It is safe and it gives you complete control of your accounts with us. You can also change your computer settings to give you a better experience.

    It’s free to register for Online Banking, from which you can do almost everything you can do in a branch, with clear guides to assist you at any point. Just call us on 0345 600 23231, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use our Text Relay service if you prefer.

    Passcode and memorable word

    As an alternative to using a PINsentry device to log in to Online Banking, you can use a passcode and memorable word. You can also create ones that are easy for you to remember.

    To use them, choose to log in with your passcode on your Online Banking homepage. You’ll be prompted to enter your passcode and 2 random letters from your memorable word. If you wish, you can save this as your preferred method for logging in.

    However, this option does restrict what you can do online. See our PINsentry FAQs for more information.

    You can change your passcode and memorable word to ones that are more memorable for you either by selecting ‘I’ve forgotten my log-in details’ from your Online Banking homepage or by:

    • Logging in and Selecting the ‘Change my passcode & memorable word’ option under ‘Customise my site’
    • Entering your new 5-digit passcode and memorable word and following the instructions
  • Text Relay/NGT

    If you have a Textphone (also known as a Minicom) or computer with the appropriate software, you can use our Text Relay service, or the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service that’s replaced it, to access a wide range of our services. This can assist if you’re deaf or have any difficulty with hearing or speech.

    Just dial 180011 from your Textphone or computer and then enter the phone number you want to reach. An operator will join in the call and read your written request to us.

    The operators are bound by confidentiality and are acting on your behalf, so you can share the secure details needed for identification and verification questions.

  • Barclays Mobile Banking

    Our mobile-banking app 2 lets you do much of your everyday banking from your mobile device or tablet, including:

    • Making payments to new and existing payees
    • Viewing your account balances and transactions
    • Moving money between your accounts

    Download the app and get started.

Other ways we can help you.

Changing your settings

If you want to make your computer or device easier to use, we’ve created a site with disability charity AbilityNet to show you how to do so.

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