Barclays Money Mentors

Let’s sort your money

Get free and impartial help from Barclays Money Mentors®. You can ask them about anything, from the basics of budgeting to buying your first home.

What to expect

Our team is trained to support you and guide you towards achieving your money goals – and you don’t have to bank with us to get help.

It’s all about you

  • Help and understanding, so you can make informed decisions about your money
  • Available at a time that suits you

Get your money in shape

  • Chat about your financial goals – no matter how big or small
  • Create a plan of action

Unbiased, impartial support

  • Expert financial guidance
  • Available whether you bank with us or not

It’s all confidential

  • Nothing you talk about will be shared
  • You can tell us as little or as much as you like

Let’s talk about your goals, big or small

Budgeting, savings, clearing debt or credit scoring?

You can ask our team about any money topics you don’t understand or want to know more about.

They’ll help with everything from how to budget to how credit scores work, so you can cut through the jargon and find the information you need the most.

We also provide online guides on budgeting, saving and handling debt. And our app has a range of features to help you take control of your money.

Meet some of our team

Meet Luke

Mayfair branch, London

I’m an outgoing, down-to-earth person and can get along with anyone. I enjoy playing football and golf in my spare time, as well as socialising with friends.

I wanted to use my mentor skills so I could make a difference for people and help them reach their financial – and non-financial – goals by providing a clear mind set and objectives. 

Meet Fabio

Stratford Broadway branch, London

Sports is my passion. I enjoy challenging myself and sports allows me to accept, honour and channel my emotions and motivation while taking advantage of them. I also love reading to constantly expand my views and opinions on topics that matter the most to me. I aim to leave the planet in a better place than I found it.

Mentoring enables me to do just that, by supporting people and helping them to pursue their dreams and achieve their life goals. 

Meet Nicky

Above Bar branch, Southampton

I think I’m a cup half-full person, and I like to see the positives in all sorts of situations, both at work and in my personal life. 

Through all my years at Barclays (35 so far!), and in the variety of roles I’ve had here, I realised that what I always love doing, and think I’m pretty good at, is talking to customers. That’s why my job is perfect for me – I get to talk to customers and help them all day. 

These are just a few members of our team – there are more ready to help through video call, over the phone or in several branches across the UK. It’s just the start of our Barclays Money Mentors service, so we hope to be in even more branches soon.

Choose how to talk to us

Because of the coronavirus situation, we’ll only be holding video and telephone sessions. There’s limited availability right now, but we’re working hard to host more sessions in the coming weeks.


Talk to us over the phone between 9am and 9pm – you’ll get 45 minutes with someone from our team. Before your call, download our mentor tools that we’ll use during your session.

Video call

Chat by video between 8am and 8pm – you’ll get 45 minutes with someone from our team. Before your call, download our mentor tools that we’ll use during your session.

See what other people think about Barclays Money Mentors

Here’s just a bit of feedback from customers who have been helped by our team.

“I didn't expect it to be a motivational conversation but it was like a positive surprise."

“It was better than I'd expected. I thought I'd be sold a lot of Barclays products but it was completely unbiased. I left with a short, medium and long term plan.” 

“Really useful, as well as talking about budgeting to save more we also talked about how to improve our credit rating as we have some unsecured debt."

Mentor session tools

  • Money and me [PDF, 170KB] – a questionnaire to help understand and improve your money behaviour
  • My budget [PDF, 221KB] – a budget sheet to help you work out realistic budgets to achieve your financial goals
  • Coach model [PDF, 195 KB] – a framework to figure out your goals and next steps

The Barclays Money Mentors team doesn’t provide specific, individual financial advice. Your individual circumstances can vary and we recommend that you get professional advice if you need it.

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