Barclays accessibility statement

Our commitment to you

  • Our commitment to you

    Our aim at Barclays is, and has always been, to provide accessible services for all our customers, including those who are older and who have disabilities. We've started to make progress, and we realise there is still more to do in this area in order for us to become the most accessible financial services provider, but we are determined to do it.

    We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously, and regularly engage with disability organisations and charities to access their knowledge about the needs of people with disabilities, and how best to improve our products and services. We welcome the insight that this regular dialogue brings.

    We also hold more focused discussions with panels of customers, shaping the way we deliver our service changes.

  • Our commitment to accessible services

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Other ways we can help you.

Changing your settings

If you want to make your computer or device easier to use, we’ve created a site with disability charity AbilityNet to show you how to do so.

Our latest developments

Keeping you up-to-date

We’re committed to inclusive design and accessible services – using new technology to make banking easier for you.