A member of staff speaks to a blind customer who is holding the collar of an assistance dog

Our accessibility statement

Making banking accessible for all our customers

  • Our aim at Barclays is, and has always been, to provide accessible services for all our customers. We've made some great progress, but we realise there’s still more to do.

    Our approach to accessibility has evolved into creating innovative services that are accessible by design. We design for difference, and that means designing for everyone, by developing a suite of accessible products and services for all of our customers.

    To us, it’s not just meeting the needs of disabled customers; everyone can benefit from new ideas and inclusive designs.

    “One of our ambitions is to become the most accessible and inclusive FTSE company for all our customers, clients and colleagues. We do this not only because it makes good commercial sense, but because it's the right thing to do.”

    Ashok Vaswani
    Group Disability Executive Sponsor

  • Simply put, we don’t believe that people should face barriers in how they manage their money, regardless of any access needs they might have.

    New technology is opening up a range of opportunities for us to remove historical barriers. For example, our secure instant messaging service allows you to contact us 24/7 through a few easy clicks. That’s great for everyone, but it’s hugely beneficial for people who might have difficulty speaking or hearing.

    Our app and website are also fully accessible and regularly tested by customers with a range of disabilities so that they’re easy to see, hear, understand and use for everyone. This includes ensuring our digital services are compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers or magnification.

    But we know that sometimes face-to-face is the preferred option, which is why we’re committed to making our branch network as accessible as possible - 99% of our branches now have full level access. And for those who want the interaction of face-to-face but from the comfort of their home, we offer Video Banking.

    You’ll find more information about our full range of services at barclays.co.uk/accessibility, but here are just a few we offer

    • Accessible PINsentry device, with a large display and audio functionality
    • Lipspeaker service for deaf people who lip read
    • Contactless wearable devices like a wristband or key fob, which might help making payments on the go easier for people with sight loss, mobility difficulties and developmental disabilities
    • Our SignVideo service supports customers who use British Sign Language (BSL) and enables them to get instant access to on-screen interpretation
    • High-visibility debit cards with 12 designs, all with tactile notches and a larger security number on the back
    “My son absolutely loves his contactless key fob! His support worker tells me that they engage in chats with people about technology when they are out and about so it serves two purposes – enabling transactions and enhancing social communication opportunities.”

    Barclays customer
    ASD and dexterity impairment

  • We know that to become and remain the most accessible bank on the high street requires continual improvement. To do this we will

    • Embed the principles of inclusive design into the way we make changes that affect our customers. We’ll do this through training and standards
    • Influence our suppliers – we only want to work with organisations that share our commitment to inclusion so that we can make an impact
    • Listen to our customers to find out how we can improve what we currently do, and what else we can do to make our services more accessible, easy and convenient
    • Ensure our new and refurbished branches maximise access

    We want to create opportunities to rise, and we’ll achieve this by striving to make banking accessible for all. We welcome feedback on how we’re doing on this journey and what more we can do.

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If you want to make your computer or device easier to use. Explore AbilityNet’s ‘My Computer My Way’ site.

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We’re committed to inclusive design and accessible services – using new technology to make banking easier for you.