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Payment methods

No matter what you’re paying for or where you do it, we’ve got a range of options for you to choose from.

Everyday payments made easy

Pay in shops 

Prefer to leave your cash at home? There are countless places you can pay by card – and many now accept contactless payments for purchases of up to £100. 

Pay online

Shopping online lets you buy what you need in just a few clicks. When you pay with Bank Pay or your debit or credit card, purchases are listed on your statements so you can keep track of your spending.

Pay a bill

It’s quick and easy to pay a bill – whether it’s a one-off or regular payment. All you need are the account details of the person or company you’d like to pay.

Send money overseas

Need to send money to someone living abroad? Our international payment options are fast and secure.

Pay when abroad

Spending money abroad is just as simple as it is at home, whether you’re paying with cash or by card. Some transaction fees might apply – explore your options to find out more.

Pay a tradesperson

Some tradespeople prefer immediate payments, while others are happy to leave a bill. Many are starting to accept debit cards – which gives you even more choice in ways to pay.

Pay a friend

You can pay friends and family straightaway – all you need is their sort code and account number. If it’s a regular payment, you could set up a standing order that’s automatically paid from your account.

Receiving payments

Whether it’s a one-off payment or regular monthly income, money can be sent directly to your account. All someone needs to pay you is your sort code and account number.

Lost or stolen cards

Don't panic, we can help. You can contact us online, by phone, with the Barclays Mobile Banking app or in branch.

All payment FAQs

Information on payment limits, setting up payees, methods of payment and more.

All fraud and security FAQs

Keeping you safe whether you use your Barclays debit card, Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking.