Bank Pay

Pay without using card details

A simple and secure way to pay for online purchases direct from your bank account – even if you don’t bank with us.

What is Bank Pay?

Bank Pay lets you pay straight from your bank account, instead of using card details, when you’re shopping online. You don’t have to bank with us to use Bank Pay – you can authorise the payment from any participating bank’s app or online banking service.

How does Bank Pay work?

Step 1

Choose the items or services you want to pay for on the seller’s website. If Bank Pay is offered as a payment option when you check out, select the bank you’d like to make the payment from. 

Step 2

Confirm that you want to use Bank Pay and you’ll be redirected to your bank’s online banking site or app. You can log in using your usual method, such as face or fingerprint, or by PIN or passcode.

Step 3

Select the account you want to make the payment from, then check and authorise your purchase – you’ll be returned to the retailer’s site to complete the purchase. 

Why choose Bank Pay?

It’s simple

Logging in to your bank’s app is easy, and you won’t have to enter any card details to pay. And if you need a refund, you'll get the money sooner as the seller sends the money straight to your bank account instead of crediting your card.

It’s secure

The seller never sees any card or payment details – only your bank does. Plus, using a mobile phone that only you can access – using a PIN, your face or fingerprint –  makes it difficult for fraudsters to falsely authorise payments.

It’s dependable

If you don’t receive a Bank Pay purchase because the seller goes into administration, you could apply for a refund from us. Read our Seller Insolvency Guarantee to find out which purchases are eligible and how to apply.

Bank Pay help and support

Here’s what to do if you have a problem with a purchase made using Bank Pay.

Issues with items or services

Please contact the seller if the item or service you paid for isn’t delivered or provided, is faulty or arrives damaged, or if you are unsatisfied with its quality.

Payment issues

Please contact your bank account provider if you have any questions about transactions or your account balance after using Bank Pay.

Seller in administration

You could claim a refund from us if you don’t receive a Bank Pay purchase because the seller goes into administration. 


If you have a complaint about the Bank Pay service or the outcome of a claim under our Seller Insolvency Guarantee, please fill in this form.