A man sitting at an outside table with a coffee, taps his card on a card reader held by a waitress

Contactless payments

Quick and easy purchases without entering your PIN

  • Quick and easy contactless card payments for purchases up to £45
  • Pay with your phone or compatible device if you have Apple Pay or Contactless Mobile
  • No need to enter your PIN
Covid 19 help and support

We’ve upped the contactless limit to £45

To help make it easier for you to make contactless payments with your Barclays debit card, we’ve upped the limit to £45. Just check with the retailer first that they’ve increased their limits before you pay.

How contactless works and how to get it


You don’t need to enter your PIN – just touch your card on the reader.


Contactless payments appear on your bank statement, in Online Banking and the Barclays app if you’re registered.


Payments are processed using the same secure Visa technology we use to process Chip and PIN payments.

About our debit cards

A Barclays Visa Debit card being inserted into a card reader at a restaurant

Debit cards

Make payments where and when you want

Use contactless for convenience and the Barclays app to securely control how your card is used.