Savings bonds

Put your money away for a fixed rate of return

If you bank with us, you could open an account online in minutes.

If you’re serious about saving, you can lock your money in one of our bonds, and know exactly what interest it’ll earn.


  • To suit everyone’s needs, we’ve fixed-rate and flexible bonds to choose from

Our bonds

Here are the bonds you can currently open – compare them to find one that’s right for you. You may find that previous bonds have different interest rates.

Fixed-term bonds

Our current bonds

Rate %  gross per year/AER1

£ minimum opening

Accessing your money

1-Year Fixed-rate Bond


(£500 to £1 million)


1-year fixed term


No withdrawals

2-Year Flexible Bond


(£1 to £1 million)


2-year fixed term


Up to 3 withdrawals, each one up to 10% of your initial deposit2

3-Year Flexible Monthly Income Bond


(£1 to £1million)


3 year fixed term

One withdrawal each month, up to 3% of your initial deposit. No charges for withdrawals.

2-Year Premier Flexible Bond


Exclusively for Premier customers 


(£1 to £1 million)


2-year fixed term


Up to 3 withdrawals, each one up to 10% of your initial deposit2

More ways to save

If these bonds aren't what you’re looking for, we have other options for you to consider.

Instant-access savings

You could make your money grow through our current range of savings accounts

Start saving with as little as £1 through our range of instant-access savings accounts.


Tax-free savings up to £20,000 3

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account – it allows you to save money in a tax-efficient way. Compare our ISAs to find one that’s right for you.

Smart Investor

Become the investor you were meant to be, and put your money to work with our online investing service.

Remember, investments can fall as well as rise in value – you may get back less than you invest.

Flexible bonds, fixed-rate bonds and Premier flexible bonds are limited offers that may be withdrawn at any time. Terms and conditions apply.