Barclays travel insurance

Barclays Travel Insurance

Cover to suit your trip

From single trips to multiple trips a year, you can adjust your limits and tailor your policy to meet your needs1.

  • Travel Pack
  • Travel Plus Pack
  • Barclays Travel insurance

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Travel or Travel Plus Pack

  • Available only as an add-on to a current account2
  • Maximum age 80
  • Whole family3 covered
  • Max trip 31 days (extendable)
  • Winter sports as standard
  • Pre-existing medical conditions accepted, subject to approval
  • RAC breakdown cover
  • £10.50/£15.50 per month

Barclays travel insurance

  • No need to bank with us
  • No age limit for single trip (max 85 for multi-trip)
  • Choose from single trip or annual multi-trip, individual, couple or family cover
  • Max trip 185 days (single trip) or 90 days (multi-trip)
  • Winter sports, golf or business cover is extra
  • Most pre-existing medical conditions accepted if declared
  • Individual pricing – get a quote

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