Welcome packs

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Everything you wanted to know about our current accounts and add-on insurance Packs – browse our full list available for download.

Welcome packs

You’ll need a PDF file viewer installed to open these documents.

Welcome packs for current accounts

Barclays Bank Account and Barclays Basic Current Account welcome pack [PDF, 3.9MB]

Premier Banking Current Account welcome pack [PDF, 11.8MB]

BarclayPlus welcome pack [PDF, 5.2MB]

Young Person’s Account, Student Additions and Higher Education Account welcome pack [PDF, 5.4MB]

Statement of lender and borrow responsibilities [PDF, 186KB]

Terms and conditions for Personal customers

Barclays Tariff for Personal Customers – Our Bank Charges Explained [PDF, 1.3MB]

Welcome packs for Features Store Packs1

If you’ve purchased one of our Packs, you’ll find all the terms and conditions, key exclusions, information on registering for your benefits and important phone numbers using the links below.

Travel Pack welcome pack – purchased on or after 19 Jan 2021 [PDF, 4.6MB]

Travel Plus Pack welcome pack - Purchased on or after 16 June 2021 [PDF, 5.7MB]

Tech Pack welcome pack – purchased on or after 21 April 2021 [PDF, 2.7MB]

Tech Pack Lite welcome pack [PDF, 2.2MB]

Breakdown Cover Pack welcome pack [PDF, 1.5MB]

Information on insurance and accounts that are no longer available

Travel Pack welcome pack – purchased before 19 Jan 2021 [PDF, 6MB]

Travel Plus Pack welcome pack – Purchased before 16 June 2021 [PDF, 5.1MB]

Tech Pack welcome pack – purchased before 21 April 2021 [PDF, 2.5MB]

Premier Travel Plus Pack [PDF, 5.6MB]

Premier Tech welcome pack [PDF, 1.8KB]

Home Pack welcome pack [PDF, 2.3MB]

Fees and charges for accounts no longer available [PDF, 382KB]