Greener Money

How a sustainable lifestyle could help you save

Discover how tips for a more sustainable lifestyle could help save you money, and why investing your money in a sustainable fund could have a positive impact on the planet.

Could you save money with sustainability?

Try our tips that could help you save money and live more sustainably. Consuming less, reusing and recycling what we have can help reduce pressures on the planet’s resources.

We’ve put together a list of ways that you could consider to help your money go greener; for some of the content, we’ve taken guidance from Energy Saving Trust.

Invest in sustainability

Our Multi-Asset Sustainable Fund aims to generate positive financial returns - while also making a positive influence on social and environmental issues. The fund invests in third-party funds, carefully assessed and selected for their ESG strategies. 

It offers a ‘one stop shop’ to invest in many companies, across the globe, which we believe make a positive contribution to our world. 

The underlying companies may invest across themes such as clean energy, sustainable transport and water management. 

Simple tips to save energy

We’ve asked the experts at Energy Saving Trust to share with you a range of helpful home energy saving tips, designed to help us all start navigating the world of home ownership and sustainability.

Whether you’re a renter, a homeowner or a landlord, here are five small but powerful tips which could make a positive impact on the planet and hopefully your pocket.


Lower emission driving

Changing your behaviour behind the wheel could help you save energy (and money too).

With expert advice from Energy Saving Trust, here are 10 smart ways to help you hone your road skills.

Better still, most of these techniques work whatever you drive, whether it’s a trusty old runabout or the latest electric car.