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Tips to help you plan your trip

Whether you’re heading off on a UK break or venturing abroad, get ready for your trip with our tips, products and handy in-app features. Wherever you’re headed, remember to take care.

Travelling during the coronavirus outbreak

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad soon, or you’re already away and would like to return home, find out how your travel insurance with us is impacted by coronavirus.

Choosing your destination

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Get set for your next holiday

Taking a break from the grind? Whether it’s a solo adventure, a romantic break or a holiday with friends, here’s how to plan your trip. Wherever you’re headed, remember to take care.

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Fuss-free family holidays

From planning a road-trip to setting a budget, read our seven tips for making sure your family holiday goes off without a hitch.

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Facing disruption?

Holidays aren’t always plain sailing. Here’s how you can make sure you’re covered before you travel, and what to do if you face disruption before and during your trip.

Prepare for your trip

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Check your insurance

Our Travel Pack and Travel Plus Packs aren’t on sale right now. If you already have one, double check your Pack’s terms and conditions, and check our website for details regarding your terms before you book or travel.

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Save for your dream trip

Travel might be off the cards for now, but why not start saving for your next holiday? Your savings pot could double up as a rainy day fund, too.

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Go cashless with a travel wallet

You can now buy euros and US dollars here in your app and spend them on your debit card. It’s fee-free for transactions, and if there’s money leftover at the end of your trip, it’s easy to change it back. (16+, T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply, exchange rates may vary).

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Sort your holiday cash

Exchange between £50 and £2,500 online, and we’ll deliver the foreign currency to your home for free (16+, T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply).

Bank wherever you are

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Using your debit card abroad

Find out the best ways to pay for things and withdraw cash outside the UK, so you get the most value and avoid extra fees.

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Using your credit card abroad

Your credit card gives you a simple and secure way to pay overseas. Find out more and see our fees.

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Getting cash in an emergency

We’re here to help if you need cash in an emergency while you’re on holiday, including if your debit card has been lost or stolen.