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Travel tips for young adults

Get set for your next adventure

Taking a break from the grind? Whether it’s a solo expedition, a romantic break or a holiday with friends, here’s our advice for travelling – just be sure to follow the latest health and wellbeing guidelines.

1. Choose your destination

Right now there are lots of restrictions and warnings about travelling abroad and on some parts of the UK – please check quarantine restrictions or the FCO website for up-to-date travel advice, and remember that your health and wellbeing come first. Spend some time researching where you want to go – factor in what’s important to you, like weather, local food, cultural experiences or amenities.

Travel comparison sites are one of the ways to help you get the best deal. It might seem easier to get a package option, but it could be cheaper and more flexible to book your accommodation and flights separately – in these cases, the accommodation and some flights wouldn’t be ATOL protected. It’s recommended to always book through an ATOL-protected travel agent or company, check if your trip is covered and make sure your insurance covers you for all aspects of the holiday you’re interested in.

Check for travel restrictions and guidance from the FCO, as well as current restrictions in place at your destination. Then check if your passport needs renewing – you should consider doing this eight months before your passport’s due to expire. Some countries also require at least six months left on your passport, and some ask for visas too. If you’re travelling with your child for the first time, don’t forget they’ll need their own passport.

2. Work out how much your trip will cost

To keep your holiday stress-free, it’s important to face your finances head-on when you’re planning your trip. Setting a budget will help make sure you don’t overspend – if your holiday seems too expensive, spend some time rethinking your plans or consider changing it to a later date.

First up, think about what kind of trip you’re going on – are you looking for a mini-break, the trip of a lifetime or a weekend away?

Next, work out your expenses – factor in all the upfront costs, like accommodation, flights, vaccinations, travel insurance and even luggage, as well as extra money for emergencies. Then, add on what you’ll be paying for when you’re away, like entertainment, attractions, and food and drink.

Make sure you have the right travel insurance before you go – see our Travel Pack to find out how we can help protect you and keep you safe while you’re away.

3. Get your finances set for your holiday

Here are a few ways you can sort your money before you set off

  • Take an honest look at your spending and see if you can cut back on luxuries. Try not to shy away from it – being bold now could improve your financial health in the long run
  • Think you can’t save? Think again. You could look at switching your bills using a price-comparison site, cancelling outdated Direct Debits or standing orders, and having a clear-out to sell unwanted belongings
  • In the Barclays app1, you’ll find our ‘Spending’ tool – it gives you an overview of your outgoings split into different categories. You can then see how much you can set aside each month without over-stretching yourself
  • Be realistic about what you think your trip will cost, then deduct any savings you’ve already set aside. Then, work out how much you can save each month towards your trip – and what you’re left with is your savings plan
  • Cash isn’t always king. If you don’t want to carry too much currency when you’re away, you can buy euros and US dollars in our app’s travel wallet, and spend them on your debit card (16+, T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply). It’s fee-free for transactions too2. If you already have the app, head to the home screen, tap ‘Cards’ and ‘Create a travel wallet’ to create yours

If you’d like more support planning your money, you can speak to one of our Barclays Money Mentors®. You can ask them about anything, from the basics of budgeting to buying your first home – book a confidential chat with our team.

4. Get inspired

Planning what you’re going to do on your trip is one of the most exciting parts.

When you’re looking at attractions, check if there are any trustworthy deals online before you book. Forums on social media can be handy for anecdotal advice, while sites like Tripadvisor are great for checking ratings. Other social media platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram, are great sources of inspiration too.

Make sure that whatever you do, you’re safe and comfortable, and book with a trustworthy company. Try not to share your debit card details or pay money to those who you don’t trust.

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