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Check your eligibility

Could your credit card application be successful?

Our obligation-free eligibility checker takes just a few minutes and won’t have any effect on your credit score. It’ll tell you which Barclaycard you’re likely to be able to successfully apply for. 

Before you start

We have two different eligibility checkers that depend on the kind of card you want. Please read this information to make sure you choose the option below that’ll give you the best results.

If you haven’t had a credit card before, or have a low credit score, you should use the checker for our credit-building cards. It could also suit you if you aren’t on the Electoral Register. This checker will give you a definite answer about whether you’ll be accepted for a credit-building card or not.

If you have good credit, please use the eligibility checker for the other credit cards we offer. We have a wide range of cards that you could apply for, each with its own features and benefits.

Are you eligible?

Credit-building card

Use this checker if you want to improve your credit score as you spend.

Representative 33.9% APR (variable)

Our other credit cards

See which of our wide range of cards you could apply for if you have a good credit rating and are looking for other benefits.

Don't worry if you don’t get the results you’re after for any of these cards – you can try our credit-building options instead.

Why should I check my eligibility?

If you're unsuccessful with a credit card application and refused the card, this will harm your credit rating. This could then make it harder for you to get credit in the future.

Our free, easy-to-use eligibility tool, can show you which of our cards you’re likely to be accepted for, without the details showing up on your credit report or affecting your rating. 

What will I need?


We just need some basic details, like your name and where you’ve lived over the past five years. Just fill in the form and we'll look through your credit rating to check your eligibility.

What happens next?

If you're eligible, you can choose the credit card you’d like from those available to you, and apply online in three easy steps.

If you're approved, we’ll send your card and you should have it in five working days.

Please note, the results of the eligibility tool should be used as a guide – your results may be different when you actually apply for a card.