Digital confidence

Learn, practice and perfect new digital skills

Enhance your digital skills and learn about everything from staying safe on social media to online shopping.

Tools, courses and sessions


Coding and online safety for kids

Our Code Playground can help your children learn how to code – and our DigiSafe Cadets can teach them how to stay safe online.

BBC micro:bit

The fun way to learn how to code

We’ve partnered with the BBC to give up to a million children a device that will help them learn code.

Digital Eagles

Build your digital skills with us

Our purpose

Our Digital Eagles are passionate about empowering our colleagues, customers and local communities to be more confident with technology and to move forward in the digital world.

No matter where you are on your digital journey, we deliver the digital skills you need to keep you up to date and help you to stay safe online.


Be confident with computers

Our Tea and Teach, Barclays DigiSafe in Cyber Space and Support Bar sessions are designed to help build your confidence with computers, the internet and Barclays digital services.


Digital Wings

Learn about basic and more complex digital topics with courses developed by experts.


Eagle Labs

Whether you’re an inventor, an innovator or a mentor, our spaces are conducive to nurturing and growing your idea.


Barclays Accelerator

Take your business further with intensive fintech focused programmes.


Ashok’s view

Ashok Vaswani, CEO Barclays UK talks about how we’re helping you become digitally savvy.


Today’s digital economy

Find out how the UK fares on the global stage against some of the world’s digital giants and pioneers.