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Switch your bank account to us

It’s simpler than you think

If you already bank with us, you can switch your current account to us in the Barclays app1or one of our branches. You’ll need to register for our app before you switch – we’ll then do all the paperwork and keep you updated every step of the way.

If you don’t bank with us yet, you’ll need to open a current account first – then you can switch in the Barclays app or one of our branches.

Please bear in mind that because of coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve had to temporarily close or change the opening hours of some of our branches – so it might take longer than usual to make an appointment, or you might not want to visit us.

How it works

The Current Account Switch Service

The Current Account Switch Service is a free service that lets you switch a current account from one participating bank or building society to another – in 7 working days. It’s designed to be simple and stress-free, and the full switch option is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. As part of the full switch, we transfer all your payment orders in and out (such as salary and Direct Debits) to your new Barclays account, and also set up a payment redirection for any credits or debits from your old account for a minimum of 3 years.

Step 1: Open a current account with us, if you don’t already have one
Step 2: Give us a few details and choose a full or partial switch
Step 3: We set it all up and tell you when it’s done

Current Account Switch Guarantee [PDF, 37.3KB]

Switching to Barclays [PDF, 1MB]

Partial Switch Guide [PDF, 281KB]

What happens when you switch

Day one–two

We’ll contact your old bank and we’ll be in touch to confirm your switch is underway.

Day three

We’ll send you a letter to confirm the date of your switch and confirm your old bank has agreed to it.

Day four–six

We’ll be in touch to keep you updated.

Day seven

We’ll be in touch to let you know your switch is complete.

Full switch

With a full switch, we'll move all your regular credit and debit payments, such as Direct Debits, standing orders, bills and your salary, to your new Barclays account.

We’ll then close your old account for you and set up a payment redirect from your old account to your new Barclays one for a minimum of 3 years.

A full switch is covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. After you apply, you'll have 5 working days to visit one of our branches and confirm your identity so the switch can start. The process completes 7 working days after you’ve done this.

Partial switch

With a partial switch2, you’ll need to contact your old bank for a list of your debit payments for the account you're switching from. Then, let us know which ones you’d like us to move to your Barclays account. We’ll switch these for you but we won't be able to switch any individual future-dated payments.

We’ll leave your old account open and you'll need to arrange the transfer of any credit payments (eg, your salary) to your new Barclays account. It takes longer than 7 working days and isn't covered by the Current Account Switching Guarantee.

Rewards that keep rewarding you

Barclays Blue Rewards is our way of saying thanks for banking with us. Every month, we’ll give you a £7 Loyalty Reward, that’s £3.50 for each of your first two Direct Debits paid, as well as extra cash rewards on selected products. You’ll also have access to our members-only Blue Rewards Saver account. You just need to pay at least £800 into your account each month and pay a £4 monthly fee. For more information and full terms, conditions and eligibility criteria, visit the Barclays Blue Rewards page

Already got a current account with us?

Switch in our app

You can switch to us using the Barclays app, if you’re registered – it’s quick and easy.
All you need is your old bank and card details and we’ll do the rest.

Visit us in a branch

It’s easy to switch in our app – but if you prefer, you can visit us in one of our branches.

Because of the coronavirus situation, you might not want to visit us at the moment. If you do, it might take longer than usual to make an appointment at your local branch. 

Don’t have a current account with us?

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Barclays Bank Account

For flexible, rewarding banking

Apply to open an account that lets you earn rewards4 for banking with us and an app5 that helps you keep your money under control. 

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