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Travel disruptions

3 tips on handling travel disruptions

What to do if you experience travel disruptions – from finding out what you’re covered for to contacting the Embassy.

Find out what you’re covered for

Before travelling you should make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and adequate travel insurance. Keep in mind that your EHIC and travel insurance may not cover you for every travel disruption, and that certain types of holiday also require specialist cover.

Cancellation of holiday: Your trip may be cancelled as a result of a strike, adverse weather conditions or volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

Enforced stay abroad: You may be unable to return home if the airspace or airport at your destination is closed.

Catastrophe: You could be forced to move from your booked accommodation if there is an earthquake, explosion, fire, flood, landslide, storm, tsunami or other catastrophe.

Speciality holiday cover: Some holidays require extra cover, like a winter sports or golfing holiday. This is because they require certain equipment that could be lost or stolen. This should give you the benefits and cover if there if something goes wrong.

How to get access to money in an emergency

If the unexpected happens while you’re away there are other ways you can access money. Make sure you keep your banks’ details with you so you can quickly contact them if your card has been lost or stolen. In some cases your bank can give you emergency help.

You can get someone to send you money while you’re abroad. Most banks offer an international payments service. You may be charged to use this service the rate depends on the type of payment used. To do this the sender will need your full name and banks address, SWIFTBIC and IBAN.

Find out more about sending money abroad.

Your friends and family can send you money instantly using Pingit 1. It’s hassle free and you can send money abroad to over 30 countries.

How the British Embassy can help you

Make sure you know where the nearest British Embassy, consulate or commission are in case of an emergency. They are able to help you if the unexpected happens while you’re abroad 2.

  • Provide travel advice and updates
  • Work with airlines to give information about any disruption to travel
  • In some circumstances they can offer assisted departure or provide transport to get you to a safe place

If you need assistance you can call the FCO (+44) (0) 207 008 1500 3.

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