Travel wallet

Buy foreign currency in your app and spend it on your debit card

Spend both US dollars and euros straight from your debit card, and withdraw currency held in your travel wallet without incurring fees.

With the app, you can

Buy euros and US dollars

Get notifications on your wallet balances to keep track of your spending

Why create a travel wallet?

No transaction fees

Once you’ve added your currency in your travel wallet, you won’t pay fees when making purchases or withdrawing cash abroad1 in the local currency.

Use your existing debit card abroad

A travel wallet works like other travel money cards, only you can spend straight from your debit card. You can have separate wallets for each currency and can use the same card to spend from them both.

Know your rate before you travel

When you use a travel wallet, you don’t need to keep an eye on the exchange rate when you use your debit card abroad because you’ve already bought your currency at a fixed exchange rate. Plus, if you’re running low, you can top up your travel wallet and still spend as normal with the fixed exchange rate.

See your spending

Stay in control of your spending – see how much money you’ve got left and where you’ve spent it, in your app. You can set up notifications to help you manage your balance.

Keep your currency, or switch it back to pounds

You can exchange any currency you haven’t used back to British pounds and transfer it back into your account. Otherwise, you can keep it in your travel wallet for another time – your wallet, your choice.

Enjoy spending abroad with your travel wallet

Create a travel wallet in your Barclays app

You’ll need to get the Barclays app2 to open a travel wallet. If you don’t have it already, Once you’ve registered, follow these steps to get started.

1. Log in to the app
2. Tap on ‘Cards’ on the home screen
3. Select ‘Create a travel wallet’

Terms and conditions apply. You’ll need to have a current account with us, be aged 16 or over and have a mobile number to use the Barclays app.

Things to consider

A hand holding a Barclays debit card

Using your debit card abroad

A secure and convenient way to pay when you’re away

If you’re currently abroad and need to use your debit card, here’s what it’ll cost you to withdraw cash and make purchases.

A woman holding two Euro notes

Foreign currency

Bureau de change

If you need foreign currency, you can order it online and we’ll deliver it for free to your home address in the UK, or you can collect it from one of our branches.

Getting cash in an emergency

We’re here to help if you need cash in an emergency while you’re on holiday, including if your debit card has been lost or stolen.