Can I access my money abroad in an emergency?

How you can get your money depends on the situation you’re in.

  • We offer emergency help if your debit card is lost or stolen when you’re abroad. We’ll arrange for some emergency cash to reach you within three days, so you can continue your holiday. We’ll also send your replacement Barclays debit card to your home address.

    To report your debit card lost or stolen and to request emergency cash when you’re abroad, you can call us at any time on +44 2476 842 099*+ and select option 1 for immediate help.

  • You can use your debit card to withdraw cash from any Visa cash machine abroad. If you use one of our cash machines or one at a Global Alliance member bank, you'll save £1.50 per transaction by not having to pay the non-sterling cash fee (you will still be charged a 2.75% non-sterling transaction fee).

  • You could arrange to transfer money to this account from your Barclays account. For more information, please see our international payments service page.