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  • Fraud and scam events

    Watch past webinars for expert insights and advice on how to help keep your money safe.

  • Ten common types of fraud and scam

    Scams and fraud costs people millions of pounds a year. We look at some of the tactics criminals use to steal your money.

  • Coronavirus and fraud

    As fraudsters spot new opportunities to access your money, information and software during the coronavirus pandemic, here’s how we can help you stay safe.

  • Fraud and protection

    Make sure you stay Digisafe. Find out how to avoid fraud and discover ways to keep your personal data safe.

  • Financial scams

    Fraudsters are inventive and just when consumers have grown wise to one scam, they’ll devise another one.

  • Thinking about fraud

    How fraudsters exploit the way our brains work to ply their criminal trade.

  • Security and fraud

  • Pension scams

    When scammers convince you to take money out of your pension for investment opportunities which turn out to be fake.

  • Invoice scams

    How to spot scams where account details on an invoice are changed, or emails are intercepted, so the money is wrongly paid into the scammer’s account.

  • Identity fraud

    How fraudsters can steal personal information about you to impersonate, and obtain money in your name.

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