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  • Barclays online videos

    At Barclays, we understand that some aspects of banking can be confusing, which is why we aim to provide the information you want through a variety of mediums, from in-branch advice to online videos.

  • Barclays Savings Reserve

    See available interest rate for savings reserve from Barclays. This information is available on

  • Tools and calculators

    Find the mortgage to suit your needs - whether you’re buying your first home or moving, remortgaging or considering property investment.

  • Step-by-step support

    Buying your first home? Our first-time buyer centre has everything you need to know to make the process easier.

  • Mortgage calculator

    Find out how much you could borrow with our mortgage calculators.

  • Keep secure copies of your holiday documents

    Safely store your important documents securely on Cloud It, designed by Barclays to make your life easier.

  • Need some help?

    Browse through our latest mortgage deals and interest rates to help you choose the Barclays mortgage that’s right for you.

  • Tools and calculators

    Find out what we can offer, whether you’re remortgaging, moving home or looking to buy a second property.

  • Offset Mortgage Calculator

    What is an Offset mortgage

  • Barclays | Personal Banking

    Whether you want a current account, loan or to save, at Barclays, we have a range of products to suit your needs. See them on

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