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Understanding your mortgage type

The effect of a base rate change on your mortgage depends on the type of mortgage you have.

  • Fixed-rate mortgages

    Your interest rate stays the same for a fixed term, so a change in the base rate won’t affect your mortgage rate or payments during that time.

    However, if the base rate changes during your fixed term, you should plan ahead and consider how this change could affect your mortgage payments when your fixed term ends.

    When the fixed term ends with our mortgages, your rate will revert to a follow-on rate. This rate will normally be the Barclays Bank Base Rate plus a margin. It typically follows the Bank of England base rate but it isn’t guaranteed to.

    Explore our fixed-rate mortgages.

  • Tracker mortgages

  • Offset mortgages

  • Standard variable rate mortgages

Review your rate

If interest rates change, it could benefit you to review your mortgage. There are also other situations where reviewing your mortgage rate could be a good idea.

  • Time to switch rates?

    If your current mortgage deal is coming to an end, or if it’s been a while since you took out your mortgage, you may be able to switch to a new rate that’s better suited to your needs. If so, changing your rate could save you money over the longer term. See our current mortgage rates

    Remember to check the terms of your mortgage to make sure you won’t face early repayment charges for changing to a different rate.

  • Have your personal circumstances changed?

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