Investment Account

Low cost, flexible investing

Our flexible investment account is simple to open and easy to use. Choose from a wide range of investments with no limit on the amount you can invest.


What is an investment account?

Our Investment Account helps investors build a portfolio of funds, shares and bonds, with no annual limit.
Get started in minutes and fund your account with a debit card, a monthly Direct Debit or by moving money from your Barclays account. You can withdraw your cash at any time or earn interest while you decide where to invest.
The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest. If you’re unsure which investments are right for you please seek independent advice. Tax rules can change and their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

NatWest share offer

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This information is not an endorsement of NatWest shares, nor is it a recommendation to invest.

Why choose a General Investment Account? 

  • No annual limit – invest from £50 with no upper limit.
  • Free withdrawals at any time – you can sell investments and withdraw your cash at any time with no charge.
  • 8,000 + investments – choose from a wide range of funds, shares and other investments so you can build your unique portfolio.
  • Barclays Price Improver™ – gives you the best price available every time you buy or sell qualifying investments from our selected Retail Service Providers (RSPs) and trading venues.1
  • Flexible – start investing with a one-off debit card or Barclays account transfer or set up regular direct debits that can be paused or changed whenever you like.


Earn interest on uninvested cash 

When you open an Investment Account you’ll gain access to our Investment Saver service. This means you can earn interest on any cash you hold while you select your investments, there’ll also be an Investment Saver facility attached to it which gives you the opportunity to earn interest on your uninvested cash. Find out more about how the Investment Saver works alongside your general Investment Account.

Any uninvested cash held in your Investment Saver will earn:

  • 1.65% AER/gross per year variable for balances from £1 up to and including £10,000
  • 1.15% AER/gross per year variable for additional balances of £10,000.01+

There is no charge for the Investment Saver.

Investment Account fees

No charge to open the account and a simple annual customer account fee of 0.25% on investments up to £200,000 and 0.05% on investments above £200,000.

Activity Cost
Buying and selling shares* £6 per deal**
Buying and selling funds No charge
Regular investments No charge
Dividend reinvestment No charge
Holding cash No charge
Transferring investments No charge
Cash withdrawal and account closure No charge

*Including ETFs, investment trusts, bonds, gilts

**Online dealing only. Taxes may apply when buying shares. A foreign exchange and an international brokerage fee will be charged when trading international shares. 

A wide range of investment options

New to investing

Leave the hard work to us when you choose from one of our five Ready-made Investment funds which range from low to higher risk.

Experienced investors

Dive into our in-depth insights & research and choose from thousands of investments such as funds, shares including US, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), bonds and more.

Log in to apply

If you have a Barclays Investment ISA, or use Barclays Online Banking to manage a current account, just log in to apply for an Investment Account.

Apply without logging in

If you don’t have a Barclays Investment ISA and don’t use Barclays Online Banking to manage a current account, you can apply for an Investment Account without logging in.

Transfer your investments to us

If you have a General Investment Account elsewhere, you can transfer them to us at any time – but before you start, you’ll need a Smart Investor account. 

Once your new account is open, you can start the transfer process immediately.

Before transferring you should make sure you don’t have to pay a penalty or give up valuable benefits  and that you’re aware of all the risks involved.


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