About Ready-made Investments

Deciding between various types of investments can be difficult - even for the most experienced investors. If you’ve got little time to spare, the process is even harder, so opting for a convenient ‘one-stop’ solution can make things much easier.

You know you should never ‘put all your eggs in one basket,’ and when you’re investing this is a golden rule to remember, and what our Ready-made Investments are all about.

We have five Ready-made Investments which are funds that invest in cash, shares and bonds from around the world. Each fund has a different balance of these investments, that gives you a different level of potential risk and reward. Our Barclays experts manage the funds with the aim of increasing the value of your investments over time. Giving you a diversified portfolio in just one fund, that’s managed by our Barclays experts, makes our Ready-made Investments a good choice for investors who would rather sit back and let somebody else do the work.

All you have to do is select the level of risk you’re comfortable with, which varies across our five funds. While more risk can offer the potential for bigger rewards, it also increases the chances of losing money, so it’s important to understand the right level of risk for you.

Remember the value of the investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest. We're not recommending Ready-made Investments as being suitable for you based on your personal circumstances, nor do we offer personal financial advice.

If you're unsure about this investment’s suitability for you, or you’re not confident about making your own investment decisions you should seek professional independent advice.

Why choose Ready-made Investments?

It’s easy to get started, just choose from our five funds

We do the hard work for you by monitoring the funds daily and keeping them in line with your chosen risk level

You get the best of Barclays’ investment expertise combined with our market knowledge

Benefit from instant diversification matched to your level of risk

Low cost fees which are clear and transparent

What will this cost you?

The total ongoing annual cost is only 0.65% of the value of your holding. This is made up of:

  • Fund manager fee: 0.45% per year (OCF – Ongoing Charges Figure1)
  • Our Smart Investor customer fee: 0.20% per year or a minimum of £4 per month

You also pay a transaction fee of £3 each time you invest, or only £1 if made as a regular investment.

Five things you need to know about Ready-made Investments

To make investing in a diverse portfolio quick and simple, we offer a range of Ready-made Investments.

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