How much does investing cost?

Our fees

Compared to savings accounts, the different costs involved with investing may seem complicated. We use a simple pricing structure to help you understand what your investment will cost. Your fees will depend on what you invest in, how often you invest and the value of your investments.

  • Customer and transaction fees

    Customer fees (based on asset holding)

    We charge a fee for maintaining your service, it’s calculated daily and based on the end of day value of your investments across all your accounts. Cash is not included in this calculation, but the minimum fee below applies from the point that you first add cash or transfer investments to your account.

    Your customer fee is calculated each month, on the anniversary of the date you opened your first account, and will be notified to you. This notification will confirm the period that the fee covers and will indicate when the fee is due for collection, 15 working days later.


    Other investments

    Minimum fee per month

    Maximum fee per month

    0.2% p.a.

    Funds mean Unit Trusts & Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) only.

    0.1% p.a.

    Other investments mean all asset classes except for funds and cash.


    The minimum fee will only apply once you add cash or investment to your account.


    How we deal with unpaid fees

    If fees are not settled on the due date, you will enter the debt management process. If outstanding fees are not settled and they reach £12, this will result in investments being sold to raise cash to cover them.

    Transaction fees (when you buy or sell an investment)

    Every time you buy or sell an investment, you pay a one-time fixed fee to cover the costs.

    For international trading, please refer to our International Fees tab at the top of this page.

    Funds (Online)

    Other investments (Online)

    All automated regular investments

    All investments (Telephone)





    Costs to invest up to £24,000 in funds if you make two transactions per year:

    Customer fee

    Transaction fee


    0.2% p.a. (minimum £48 p.a.)

    You will pay £48 p.a.

    £3 per transaction

    You will pay £6

    You will pay £54

    Or if you invest up to £48,000 in shares and make four transactions per year:

    Customer fee

    Transaction fee


    0.1% p.a. (minimum £48 p.a.)

    You will pay £48 p.a.

    £6 per transaction

    You will pay £24

    You will pay £72

    If you’re considering investing more frequently, regular investments only cost £1 per transaction.

    If you have a mixture of investment types, higher investment balances or an existing investment portfolio to transfer to us, please use our Investment Calculator to get a quick snapshot of what your fees could be.

  • What's included in our customer fee?

    What’s included in our customer fees?

    Anything that covers the running of your account, but doesn’t directly relate to transactions, is covered by a single monthly customer fee.

    Relevant insight and articles

    to help you be a smarter investor

    Transferring cash or investments

    in from or out to another provider

    Automatic dividend reinvestments

    Support from our knowledgeable team

    by phone or live web chat

    Portfolio analysis

    when logged in to your account

    Custody of your investments

    Other costs to maintain your account

    Moving cash between different accounts

  • Third party charges

    Third Party Charges

    When you buy shares, including investment trusts, the Government imposes Stamp Duty at the following rates:




    Stamp Duty on all UK share purchase settled through CREST, rounded up to the nearest 1p

    Stamp Duty on all UK share purchases not settled through CREST, rounded up to the nearest £5

    Stamp Duty on Irish registered stock

    The Panel of Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) also charges £1 on all UK share transactions with a combined value of over £10,000.

    Please note that funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Investment Trusts come with charges and expenses applied by the fund manager to cover the costs of buying and selling the underlying investments and managing the fund. Most funds we offer have no initial charge, but if there is one, it is a fee levied by the fund manager and Barclays doesn’t keep any part of it.

  • Interest rates

    Interest Rates

    Investments Account, Investment ISA and SIPP Account

    Investment Saver

    No interest is currently paid on these balances.

    Barclays Investment Solutions Ltd holds all uninvested cash as Client Money with a selection of Approved Banks or other third parties. View details of the current panel

    Rates from 1 September 2023:

    • 1.65% AER/gross per year variable for balances from £1 up to and including £10,000
    • 1.15% AER/gross per year variable for additional balances of £10,000.01+

    Interest is paid on the first day of each month, based on the cash held in your account the previous month. Rates may change from time to time. AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

  • Pension account

    Pension Account Administration charges

    £125 + VAT p.a.

    In addition to the customer and transaction fees, these are Pension Account Administration charges if you currently have a Barclays SIPP. All SIPP accounts pay an AJ Bell Administration fee of £31.25 + VAT per quarter or part thereof (£125 + VAT p.a.). This fee will be collected by Barclays and paid to AJ Bell. No part of this fee is kept by Barclays.

    Depending on your activity additional SIPP charges may apply. See a full list of SIPP fees. [PDF, 194 KB]

  • International fees

    International trading costs and charges

    When buying or selling shares in an international market, some of the fees will be different to what is charged for domestic trading. There may also be additional costs depending on what market you’re trading in. We’ve outlined the cost for trading shares below:

    Transaction Fees

    Transaction fees for international investments are different from domestic trading. Transaction fees vary by exchange as shown below.


    US Exchanges

    Other Exchanges

    Transaction fees (online)



    Transaction fees (phone)



    Customer fees

    We charge a fee for maintaining your service, the fees you’ll pay for holding international assets in your account will be the same as you pay today for holding UK assets – based on their value. You can find more information on the main customer and transactions fees tab.

    Foreign exchange charge

    You will also have to pay a FX charge when buying and selling on international markets which is calculated based on the value of the trade. This is charged on each buy and sell trade that is placed on an international market.

    Trade value

    FX charge on trade value

    First £5,000


    Next £5,000


    Next £15,000


    Next £225,000


    Value over £250,000


    For example, investing £13,000 would have an FX charge of £102.50

    As the tiers are cumulative this calculates as follows:

    • £5000 at 1% = £50.00
    • £5000 at 0.75% = £37.50
    • £3000 at 0.5% = £15.00

    You’ll always see the estimated rates and charges before you place a trade, and we’ll confirm all the rates and charges once it’s been executed – they’ll also be in your contract note.

    We use spot foreign exchange agreements for settling International orders.

    When you buy and sell on an international exchange, the trade happens in local currency. To convert the currency, we need to enter into a spot foreign exchange (spot FX) agreement. We make these agreements with another part of the wider Barclays group called Barclays Bank plc (BARX), who may make a profit.

    These agreements mean we can trade one currency against another currency at an agreed exchange rate. The agreed exchange rate is called the ‘spot FX rate’.

    In executing the FX trade, using the FX rate provided by BARX, we’ll always look to act in your best interest. We’ll show you the rate used to convert the currency for settlement and accounting purposes. Please note that the value of international investments is affected by currency fluctuations.

    Other costs charged but not payable to Barclays

    Taxes and Levies

    Taxes and levies for international trading vary by jurisdiction and are set out below. We collect these costs from you and pay them to the relevant body.


    Taxes and levies


    Securities and Exchange Commisson (SEC) fee: this applies to the sale of U.S. exchange listed shares, separate from any brokerage fees, and is typically subject to annual/mid-year adjustments. This is set to be 0.00051% of the sale value (excluding any transaction fees) of US shares.




    French FTT*: charged at 0.3% of the acquisition value (excluding transaction fees) of equities of French companies with over €1 billion market cap.










    Spanish FTT*: charged at 0.2% of the acquisition value (excluding transaction fees) of equities of Spanish companies with over €1 billion market cap.

    *FTT= Financial Transaction Tax

    Brokerage fees

    All trades on international exchanges will attract a 0.03% brokerage fee. The brokerage fee is charged by the underlying market, whereas the transaction fees listed above are payable to Barclays.

Say hello to international shares

You can now buy and sell shares across 10 international exchanges, all on one easy investment platform.

Investments can fall as well as rise.

Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

We’ve changed our fees so that they’re more transparent and you can see clearly what you’re paying for. Get a quick snapshot of what your fees could be.

UK Platform Group

Members of the UK Platform Group have developed a factsheet to help consumers compare platform charges – the factsheet outlines the types of charges imposed by platforms and the different labels that are used across the industry to describe such charges.

Charges Factsheet [PDF, 87KB]

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