Track your application online

See what’s happening with Track It

We’ll send you a Track It reference any time you submit an application that you can track online.

How it works

Whether it's a business loan, mortgage application, mortgage redemption, Buy-to-let loan, complaint or other application – Track It lets you know how it's progressing.

It's fast and easy.

To see how it works, check out the how-to video below.

When you can use Track It

Here's a list of the applications and enquiries you can follow with Track It. You'll automatically get a case reference number if your application or enquiry can be tracked.

We're adding  more applications that you can track all the time.

Lost and stolen debit card replacement
Business loan
Mortgage application
Mortgage redemption
Buy-to-let loan
General complaint
PPI complaint
Business banking complaint


How to use Track It

Check out this helpful video to discover all the handy features and options in Barclays Track It.


How do I get a Track It case reference number?
If your application or enquiry can be viewed in Track It, we'll automatically send you a case reference number. We're adding  more applications and enquiries all the time.

When is Track It available?
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How often is the status updated?
The status is updated whenever your application or enquiry progresses and there’s news to report.

What's the difference between accessing Track It with my case reference number or by logging in to Online Banking?
If you access Track It with your case number, you'll need to enter some additional details to verify your identity. If you access Track It in Online Banking, we'll already have these details.

Do I need to be a Barclays customer or have an account to use Track It?
No. It's available to anyone.

Is the Track It site secure?
Yes, it's fully secure. Furthermore, it only includes specific details that are relevant to the application or enquiry you're tracking.

My browser won't display Track It correctly. What can I do?
Track It is best viewed in Internet Explorer 8 or later, or Firefox.

Where can I find my case reference number for using Track It?
We’ll have sent you a case reference number either by text alert, email or letter when you first submitted your application or enquiry.

How can I get email or text alerts to notify me when there's been an update in Track It?
That depends on the type of application or enquiry. You can set alerts and notices for some types of application or enquiry if you’ve opted in to receiving either text alerts, notification emails or both. It will depend on how you’ve set up your preferences and the options available for that particular application or enquiry.