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  • Third party account access

    How to give someone access to your account. How to access somone’s account with a power of attorney.

  • Accessible communications | Accessibility Help and Information

    You can arrange for a friend, family member or trusted third party to be granted access to your account to assist or even control your finances.

  • FAQs

    Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • Help managing your account

    Do you need help with your day-to-day banking? Or do you help someone with their banking because they can't do it all themselves?

  • Delegating access to your accounts

    Find out how to get some help to manage your finances and banking if you're unwell, disabled or want to let someone you trust access your accounts.

  • Open Banking

    Barclays Open Banking allows you to share your financial data with registered companies, and to pay in new ways directly from your current account.

  • What is a business mandate?

    Find the best way to update your account signatories, depending on your business type.

  • Car insurance

    Barclays offers comprehensive car insurance in the UK so you never have to go without cover. Get car insurance cover online at

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    To access Online Banking from Barclays, you should enable your cookies. Follow the instructions for your type of computer and browser to turn them on.

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    Site terms and conditions

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