Help with Borrowing Overdrafts

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  • Business overdrafts

    Find out how applying for a business overdraft can help you manage changes to your cashflow.

  • Rates and fees

    Find out more about wealth management services, interest rates and authorised overdrafts.

  • Business borrowing

    Find loans, commercial mortgages, cashflow finance options, credit cards and overdrafts to help you manage your business and finance your ambitions.

  • Can I get an overdraft on my account when I switch to Barclays?

    See how you can apply for an overdraft for your new account when you switch to Barclays.

  • Cashflow finance

    Find out how to release the cash that’s tied up in your invoices.

  • Asset finance

    Find out how asset finance can let you invest in the things you need without having to dip into your working capital.

  • Student debt unravelled

    Student debt unravelled – we bust some myths about borrowing, take a look at different types of debt and explain how you can avoid debt problems.

  • Premier Current Accounts

    Open a Premier Current Account and enjoy are range of exclusive benefits and products. See if you’re eligible today.

  • Barclays Overdraft

    Apply for an overdraft on your current account to manage your finances more effectively. Ensure you are not charged if you go overdrawn.

  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee

    Find out if your business is eligible for the government scheme designed to help viable businesses that have inadequate security.

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