What will it cost me to go overdrawn without an arranged overdraft limit?

If you do not have an arranged overdraft, and you go overdrawn, no interest charges will apply.

We don’t offer unarranged overdrafts and will always try to return any transaction that would take an account overdrawn when there is no arranged overdraft limit. On very rare occasions we might not be able to return a transaction, but we won’t charge you for going overdrawn.

When you make a payment, you must have money in your account to cover the payment at 3pm on the day the money is due to go out. The money needs to be immediately available to use, so you can transfer money from another account using the Barclays app or Online Banking (if you’re registered) or Telephone Banking, alternatively  you can pay in cash in a branch. If there isn’t enough money in your account, we will always try and return the payment to help you avoid going into an unarranged overdraft.

To help you stay in control, we’ll send you an alert before returning any payment – you’ll need to make sure we have your mobile number. More about alerts.

For details of all the interest charges and additional service charges for our current accounts, visit current account rates and charges page.