Hands holding open a blue leather purse with cards and Euro notes displayed

Foreign currency accounts

Bank in the currency of your choice

Make and receive foreign payments with our foreign currency accounts.

What you get

Reduced exchange rate risk

Your foreign currency account can help you save on exchange fees and avoid potential exchange rate loss.

Cash deposits and withdrawals

You won’t have to pay a cash handling fee when you pay cash into or withdraw from your account. If you want to withdraw cash make sure you place your order before 12.00pm to get it delivered on the next working day. Remember – there are no debit card or cash machine withdrawal options for this kind of account.

Regular statements

You’ll receive statements as set out in your Retail Customer Agreement. The frequency of when you receive statements can be changed at any time. 

Free transfers between your Barclays accounts

There’s no fee for transferring money between your foreign currency account and your Barclays sterling current accounts.

How to apply

You’ll need a sterling current account with us. We also offer a currency deposit account [PDF, 339KB] in euro and US dollar.

New to banking with us?

Find out more about our current accounts – you’ll need one before you can apply for a foreign currency account.

Already bank with us?

To apply for an account, visit your nearest open branch. Please bear in mind that because of coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve had to temporarily close or change the opening hours of some of our branches, and you might not want to visit us.

You can also call our International Helpdesk on 03459 75 75 751, but please note that we’re receiving lots of calls at the moment so you may have to wait longer than usual.