Barclays Mobile Banking app features

What can your app do?


If you’re using the basic version of Barclays Mobile Banking1 you won’t be able to use all features.
Please upgrade to full access using PINsentry to use all features.

Take control of your money

Break down your spending

See where your money’s going – manage your spending by category to see exactly what you’ve spent and where. You’ll be able to see how you’re spending compared to before, where you spend the most money and more2. Just tap ‘Spending’ in your app.

Plan for the future

Use your app’s calendar to see when your bills and regular payments are due. Just tap ‘Manage payments’, and select ‘Calendar’.

Add current accounts from other banks

You can now choose to see current account balances and transactions from other banks3 in your Barclays app4.

Richer transactions

Get much more insight on your transactions – see where and when you’ve been spending your money.


Send money abroad

Pay people in over 35 countries. Just tap ‘Pay & Transfers’ at the bottom of your screen, then choose who you want to pay and when.

Pay in a cheque without paying us a visit

Pay your cheques into your current account using your app and you’ll get your money sooner – usually the next working day. Just take a photo of your cheque and let us know the amount. 

Pay from one place

Make payments and transfers from your accounts – pay recent or new payees quickly and safely, all from your app.


Card security

Keeping your account safe just got even easier. You can report your card as lost or stolen, or if you’ve just misplaced it, put its use on pause with a ‘temporary freeze’. 

Plus, if you ever forget your PIN, you can view it securely in the app.

Spending controls

Take control of your spending – choose a daily limit for cash machine withdrawals, and control whether your card can be used to make payments online, on your apps or over the phone.

Travelling abroad

Protect your card both at home and away. You can restrict card payments made when abroad to protect you both home and away.

Contactless mobile payments

Link your card to your Android and Apple devices to use them for contactless payments. 

Other features

  • What else can your app do? What else can your app do?

    Call us securely from your app

    Use the ‘Direct call’ button to call us and fast-track through security.

    Update your details on the go

    Update your email, phone number or address from your app. Just tap on the icon at the top left of your home screen.

    Manage your regular payments

    Change the details of payments you make by Direct Debit and standing order. Just tap ‘Manage payments’ from the ‘Quick links’ section. 

    Get rewarded

    Barclays Blue Rewards is our way of saying thanks for banking with us, by giving you cash rewards every month. The more of our products you enjoy, the more you’ll pocket. Conditions apply.

    Log in quicker

    You don’t need your PINsentry card reader to log in to Online Banking – use your Mobile PINsentry in your app instead.

    Download your statements

    Get your statements from your app and see what’s going in and out of your account.

    Stay in control

    Choose how we contact you and how we share your data with third parties – just tap ‘Settings’ and go to your Privacy Hub.


    Keep track of your cash with notifications.

    Stay on top of your money and set up notifications in your app – they’re a great way to keep on top of your finances.