How we help you through life

Life and family

Buying a car?

There’s lots to think about when you buy a car. From how to pay for it, to what to expect once you’re on the road, our car-buying tips can help you on your car-buying journey.

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Tips to help you plan your trip

Whether you’re heading off on a UK break or venturing abroad, get ready for your trip with our tips, products and handy in-app features. Wherever you’re headed, remember to take care.

Getting married

Your wedding day and beyond

From your engagement to your honeymoon and everything in between, let us help you with your special plans.

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Children and money

Understand their money world and help them build good habits

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or guardian, you can help the young people in your life develop good financial habits from an early age.

Helping younger generations

Setting your family up for success

Whatever your relation to those you want to help, we’ll give you ideas for helping them to get ahead in life.

Later life

Plan for the retirement you deserve

Whether you’re just starting to plan for it or already there, we’re here to help with a range of guides and services designed to help you get the most from your retirement.

You and your home

Steps to buying your first home

A guide for first-time buyers

Whether you’re just beginning to save or you’ve already got enough for a deposit, we could help you get on the property ladder.

Improving your home

Transform it into a special place

Whether it’s building a kitchen extension or just painting walls, a refresh could add value to your home and turn it into a place you won’t want to leave. 

Moving home

Tips to help you plan for moving

Thinking of moving? Read our tips on how to choose a location, weigh up the cost, sort out your mortgage and make plans for moving day and beyond.

Move or improve?

What you can do when you’ve outgrown your home

Do you have more kids than bedrooms? Are you tired of working at the kitchen table? Or are you crying out for a bigger bathroom? If you want to level up your living space, you’ve got a choice: relocate or renovate. It’s a big decision, so we’re here to help you weigh up the pros and cons – what it could cost, how long it might take and ways to take as much stress out of the process as possible. 

Studying and work

Going to university?

From applying to uni through to graduation, we’re here to help.

Life after graduation

Just graduated, or about to graduate? We’re here to help.

Whether you’re moving, travelling or starting your first job, we’ll give you a hand. Get inspiration, support and rewards with an account designed just for you.

Your new job

Whether you’re looking for your first job after university or want a career change, we’re here to help.

Difficult times

Losing your job

How to plan your next steps

If you’ve been made redundant, had to take early retirement or your contract hasn’t been renewed, we’ve got some tips to help you.

 A person holds the hand of an elderly woman who is wearing rings on her fingers

Living with illness or disability

How to get the right support with your finances and for your wellbeing

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Relationship breakdown

Supporting you during difficult times

If you’re going through a separation or experiencing financial abuse, here’s some guidance to help you keep your money safe, and where to go for further support.

Managing money problems

Worried about your finances? Our practical advice can help you tackle money troubles, improve your financial habits and find the support you need.

Mental health

Your finances and mental wellbeing

We explain how to recognise the signs of problems with mental health, how to keep on top of your finances, and where you can go for help. 


How we can help and support you

Dealing with the financial affairs of someone close to you when you’re grieving is never easy. We hope our guide will help you through this difficult time.