Helping younger generations

Setting your family up for success

Whatever your relation to those you want to help, we’ll give you ideas for helping them to get ahead in life.

Looking at finances

Take a look at ways to save for the young people in your life, and get ideas for gifting.

Managing financial gifts

You can give money to the young people in your life without impacting your own future. We've some expert tips for all budgets, whether you've got a large nest or just a feather.

Children’s savings accounts

Set aside savings for children to access in future, or encourage them to open their own account if they’re aged 16+, so they can learn how to manage their money.

Being a grandparent

Ever wondered what all your gifts add up to over the years? Your grandchildren may help you feel young, but the rewards come with a price tag – our survey results show what the typical costs are.

Helping with education

From school through to university, there are a number of ways to help your loved ones with their studies.

The real costs of education

From school through to university, kids need money for books, tech, transport, study trips, tuition fees and accommodation. Learn how you can lend a hand financially and practically.

Children’s everyday banking

For the 11-15 year olds in your life, we’ve created an account to help them look after their money. It’s simple, secure and has no monthly fees. Terms and conditions apply.

Keeping children safe online

The young people in your life may be tech-savvy but unaware of the risks that they take online. Help them to protect themselves when using social media and other digital channels.

Preparing for work

Help young people understand and develop the key skills they’ll need to go forward in their studies and career.

Supporting success in adulthood

Help the younger people in your life achieve success as they grow into adulthood.

Ways to help with a deposit

Getting on the property ladder isn’t easy these days. We’ve some ideas for helping a loved one to own their home, without compromising your own financial security.

Family Springboard Mortgage

You can support family and friends by providing 10% of their property’s price as security – and you’ll get your money back with interest if they keep up with their mortgage payments.

Setting your family up for the future

If the younger members of your family need some guidance on how to manage their finances, the Barclays Money Mentors team is here to help.

Mortgage guarantee scheme

Buy your home with a 95% mortgage. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a homeowner who’s looking to move, you can apply for the scheme with a deposit of between 5% and 9.99% of the property purchase price.