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Find your way around money

LifeSkills is designed to help people learn the money and career skills they need to progress in life. Join the 18 million who’ve learnt with us so far.

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Learn about LifeSkills

Being taught the right skills can help find your way around money. That’s why we created LifeSkills – a programme that’s helped 18 million people learn a wide range of core skills, including building their knowledge and confidence about money. You can also get tips and resources to develop your career and prepare for the workplace.

Learn money skills

LifeSkills offers a range of tools and resources to help you, your family and the young people in your life learn money skills.

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Teaching children about saving

Learning about budgets at a young age is a great way to prepare for financial independence – explore our activities with your child to help them understand saving.

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Get to grips with payslips

Getting your first job is a landmark moment, but payslips can be confusing. Learn what different terms mean, and how to calculate your pay, so that you can balance your spending and saving.

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Building money confidence

Check out our tips and tools to build awareness on a range of money topics such as ways to save and avoiding online fraud. You can try our money personality quiz to see how you typically behave with money and how you can improve.

Kick start your career

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That first interview can be a bit daunting, but we’ve got tips and tools to help you ace it. You can use our mock interview tool to practise your answers ahead of time and master your technique.

The Wheel of Strengths

Navigate your future success with our interactive Wheel of Strengths tool. Map out your interests and skills to get suggestions of career paths that are tailored to your goals.

Look into the future. What do you imagine yourself doing? Maybe an architect? Perhaps a fitness instructor? A health practitioner? Or even a helicopter pilot?

Right now, you might not know exactly what job is for you. But don’t worry…

Just go to Barclays Lifeskills and register. There you’ll find our Wheel of Strengths, A tool to help you find a career that suits you.

It’s simple… First of all, click the skills you feel you’re good at, then choose your interests. And finally, think about what personality traits best describe you, then spin the wheel and see what happens!

You’ll be presented with some suggestions for jobs that suit your skills, interests and personality traits, and who knows?

You might find the perfect career path for you. A world of possibilities awaits.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go.

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Work with young people?

You can help unlock their potential and develop the skills they need to get a job. Sign up to access a range of lesson plans, interactives and videos for free.

Are you a parent?

Help young people thrive in the workplace with LifeSkills. You'll find advice to help build their confidence, prepare for interviews, manage their money – and much more.

Learn with us

We can help you develop your skills and get more from technology.

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Barclays Money Mentors®

Create a plan for your money – get impartial guidance on a range of topics from better budgeting to saving for the future, or a big purchase.

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Find your way around money

Whether you’re staying on top of your everyday spend, saving for tomorrow, or starting to plan for the future, we’re here to help make money work for you.

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Digital confidence

Enhance your digital skills and learn about everything from staying safe on social media to online shopping.