The Barclays app

Manage your wealth on your mobile

Make payments, manage your cards and access all your accounts with us on the go.

What you can do with the Barclays app


  • Make payments and transfer your money between accounts
  • Pay in cheques
  • See when regular payments are due
  • Send money abroad

Manage your cards

  • Report your card lost or stolen, or temporarily freeze it if you can’t find it
  • Choose a daily limit for cash machine withdrawals
  • Set spending controls to manage how your card can be used
  • Pay with a digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay).

Access all your accounts

  • See all your accounts with us in one place
  • Add current accounts from other banks
  • See how your investments are performing by account type, category, currency and trading entity

And there’s more too

  • Log in more quickly using Mobile PINsentry
  • View your PIN
  • Download your statements
  • Change the details of your Direct Debits and standing orders

Get our app

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Register for our app

Once you’ve downloaded the Barclays app, you need to register for it. To do this you’ll need

  • The latest version of our app
  • An activation code, which you can get by calling us on+44 (0) 207 574 30011. Alternatively, you can register using PINsentry, your debit card or at one of our cash machines

Need any help?

If you’d like to find out more about our products and services, just get in touch.