Wealth savings

Simple, flexible savings options

Easy-access accounts for day-to-day saving – or get a better interest rate by depositing money for a fixed term.

Savings and deposits

We offer a variety of savings accounts, from easy-access to fixed-term, so you’ll have the flexibility to respond to unexpected cash needs or take advantage of an investment opportunity.

Easy-access savings

  • Open an account with just £1, €1 or $1
  • Maximum balance is £10m, €10m or $15m
  • Earn interest monthly on sterling accounts, and quarterly on Euro and US dollar accounts

Notice accounts

  • Choice of notice – access your funds after either 35 or 100 days
  • Minimum opening balance for 35-day notice account is £500,000 or $500,000
  • Minimum opening balance for 100-day notice account is £1m or $1m
  • Interest will be paid monthly into the funding account, unless you ask for it to be paid into the notice account

Fixed-term accounts

  • Choose the fixed term that suits your needs, up to five years
  • Minimum deposit is £50,000, €50,000 or $50,000
  • Interest rate is fixed for the whole term. It will be paid gross, either annually or on maturity, into a separate current or savings account
  • Additions and withdrawals aren’t permitted during the term, and there’s no right to cancel a fixed-term account

Terms and conditions apply. For more information, see our rates page.

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