Rates and fees

Our tariffs, interest rates and other fees for Wealth Management products and services.

Tariff guides

Tariff guides

For accounts held with Barclays Bank UK PLC:

Wealth Management tariff guide: Barclays Bank UK PLC [PDF, 102KB]

Fee Information Document - Barclays Wealth Account [PDF, 244KB]

Fee Information Document - Barclays Wealth Account (currency) [PDF, 272KB]

Interest rates for savings and bank accounts

For Clients of Barclays Bank UK PLC [PDF, 256KB]

Historic rates

Previous Wealth Savings - Personal Only [PDF, 274KB]

External reference rates for overdrafts and loans

View our external reference rates for overdrafts and loans.

Arranged overdrafts

Arranged overdrafts are available with these accounts:

Barclays Bank UK PLC, London: Barclays Wealth Current Account

To arrange an overdraft please speak to your Wealth Manager, who will explain the charges that apply to your account.

Unarranged overdrafts1

Giving you the rate at which we charge for unarranged overdrafts does not mean we are offering you an overdraft in any form.

For information on applicable fees please refer to Barclays Bank UK PLC tariff guide [PDF, 269KB]

There is no charge for unarranged overdrafts on current accounts.

Overdrafts are not available in these currencies: Bulgarian lev; Czech koruna; Danish krone; Estonian kroon; Hungarian forint; Icelandic krona; Latvian lats; Lithuanian litas; Norwegian krone; Polish zloty; Romanian leu; or Swedish krona.

If you need more information about overdrafts, please speak to your Wealth Manager.