Barclays One

Online access to all your wealth

A secure way to access everything you have with us, including investment accounts, balances and transactions.

What you can do with Barclays One

  • View all your wealth with us in a single place
  • Get instant visibility of your investment performance
  • View your PIN, stop cheques and request statements
  • Send secure messages to the support team, 24/7
  • Securely upload and store your personal documents with Barclays Cloud It

Your wealth overview

Balance sheet categorisation

View your total wealth by category – cash, investments and liabilities – as well as by trading entity, account type and currency.

Detailed investment performance

View your investment portfolio, personal holdings and business holdings.

Interactive charts

Get instant visibility of how your wealth is distributed across the different investment asset classes.

eDocuments and tax packs

See your valuation statements, contract notes from UK accounts and your annual income report for tax-year end.

Market research and insights

Access market research and insights to help you make informed decisions.

Do more online with PINsentry

PINsentry gives you added protection for your accounts, as well as access to our full Barclays One service. If you log in using PINsentry, you’ll be able to do much more with your money online

  • Make payments to someone new
  • Make international payments
  • Set up text alerts
  • Change your details and preferences

Registered for our app? You can use Mobile PINsentry to log in to Online Banking without a card reader or your debit card.

  • When you bank and pay online, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your security details and money stay safe.

    Never share

    • Never share your personal or security information on a website you have reached via a link in an email. We will never email you a link that takes you straight to Online Banking
    • Never share your PIN, PINsentry codes and passwords with anyone who contacts you. If a caller does ask for this information, end the call
    • Never enter your card PIN into a telephone – it does not keep it secret from the caller
    • Never share confidential information via email

    Act with care

    • Act with care when clicking on links or downloading attachments from unsolicited emails or texts. Forward suspect emails claiming to be from Barclays to internetsecurity@barclays.com and then delete them
    • Keep your internet security software up to date, and run regular scans and system updates.
    • Only download apps, files or programmes from trusted sources, such as official sites or app stores
    • When logging on to Barclays One, always type the web address into the browser or use the Barclays app
    • Treat all unsolicited calls with caution. Remember, banks and police will never contact you to ask you to transfer funds, buy high value goods, or hand over cards or money
    • Do not enter reference or amount details into the PINsentry card reader unless you wish to make that payment
    • Never write down your security details or passwords in a way someone else would recognise
    • Call us straightaway if your card, PIN or other security details have been compromised

The Barclays app

Manage your wealth on your mobile

Make payments, manage your cards and access all your accounts with us on the go.

Need any help?

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