Current Account Switch Guarantee

Wealth current account

Everyday banking made easy

A straightforward account for day-to-day purchases and payments in the UK and abroad.

For simple, everyday banking

Easy money management

Set up Direct Debits, standing orders (sterling accounts only) and make funds transfers to the UK and abroad.

Auto-sweep facility

If you leave more money than necessary in your current account, we can automatically sweep surplus funds into an interest-paying savings account.

24/7 banking

With our online and app services you can access your money, get instant visibility of your total wealth with us and make payments where and when it suits you.

Wealth debit card

Available with sterling accounts, your Wealth debit card offers you higher cash withdrawal limits of up to £2,000 a day.


We have arranged overdrafts in many currencies, which you can apply to your chosen account (subject to application, financial circumstances and borrowing history).

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