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Why (on earth) invest now?

With global uncertainty and tension rising, Will Hobbs explores whether now is a good time to invest. Or does prioritising cash savings make more sense?

Why psychology matters in investing

Discover why human nature can undermine investor decision-making, and how to overcome behavioural biases to improve your chances of investment success.

Stock market volatility

Is it time to re-think your mortgage commitments?

How to review your mortgage options

Reviewing your loan commitments now can help lower your expenses.

Where are the opportunities in the UK property market?

Surveying the 2023 housing market

Discussing the current performance and potential of the UK housing market.

Is it time to remortgage?

What to expect when remortgaging a property

What you need to know if you are looking to re-mortgage.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested. Tax rules can change in future. Their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

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Review of 2022

We’re unlikely to miss you

Our Chief Investment Officer, Will Hobbs, reviews some of the ups and mostly downs of a year many of us are unlikely to miss.

Introducing the mortgage rate switch

A quick way to change your mortgage?

Understanding the benefits of switching your mortgage rate.

Getting the best price for your property

How do you place the right value on your property?

How getting an accurate valuation can improve your chances of selling.

Buying a property

We look at the process for purchasing a property, giving you an overview of what you need to consider and how to prepare for it.

Inflation worries and the rocky road ahead

When will price rises be under control?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the inflation outlook and what it means for investors and the wider economy.

Four mistakes you can make in a market downturn

We look at four mistakes you can make as an investor in a difficult market.

What can we expect after a very tough first half?

Will the next six months be even more challenging?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the first half of the year and what to expect from the next six months.

A challenging summer ahead?

As temperatures rise, markets set to cool

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the US, Europe, and China and what the future may hold.

A focus on joint mortgages

Buying property with someone else

Know your mortgage options when you're buying with someone or want to help them get their first property.

Time to invest?

Most would-be investors share a common concern: should I invest now or should I wait?

Getting to know buy-to-let mortgages

Is investing in rental properties right for you?

What you may need to consider if you're looking to enter the buy-to-let market.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Can rising interest rates curb inflation?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about recent interest rate rises, the latest on Ukraine, and China's coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The science and art of manager selection

Our skilled managers support your financial ambitions

The Barclays Investment Solutions team discusses how it identifies the most capable managers.

The return of interest-only mortgages

With house prices rising, more people are looking at interest-only mortgages – but are they right for you?

Introducing offset mortgages

Will using your savings ease your mortgage costs?

Could an offset mortgage help your savings work harder for you?

The impact of the pandemic and war in Ukraine

Is the world prepared for what lies ahead?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the economic and market impacts of recent events and on-going war in Ukraine.

Review of this year

Preview of the next

We take a look back over 2021 and consider what we can expect from the year ahead.

Will an interest rate rise mean lower house prices?

During a year dominated by lockdown restrictions, furlough schemes, and empty high streets, few could have predicted that in this environment, UK house prices would reach record levels.

Are mortgage rates getting ready to rise?

With energy, petrol, food and even toy prices all beginning to soar this year, every household budget is feeling the pinch.

Understand risk, and ourselves

What does investment risk mean to you?

We explore what is meant, and understood, by the concepts of risk and market volatility when it comes to investing.

Asset Allocation

How we build investment portfolios for clients

Asset Allocation is the mix of assets that an investment portfolio will hold.


Charity investment

What we’ve learned from the pandemic

Robin Reynolds, Head of Charities at Barclays Wealth Management, looks at some important considerations for charity investment during the global pandemic.

An unprecedented policy response

What are the long-term effects of this pandemic?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the long-term effects of the pandemic and the latest changes in portfolio positioning.

Investment Outlook 2020

Our investment themes for the year

Our Investment Outlook videos feature commentaries from members of our senior investment team on the global investment outlook for 2020

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested. Tax rules can change in future. Their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

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