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Markets cool as the weather hots up

Are we prepared for the bumpier road ahead?

Our Chief Investment Officer discusses our outlook for the global economy in the face of further trade tariff escalations and the resulting volatility they bring.

A Brexit bounce-back

Economic growth in the midst of trade wars and Brexit

Our Chief Investment Officer discusses the world’s economic growth, escalating trade wars and Brexit uncertainty, and what this means for your investment portfolio.

Impact investing for charities

Do your investments align with your mission?

Neil Cradock, Head of Charities at Barclays Wealth & Investments, looks at how to make an impact with your charity investment portfolio.

A meek market?

The view from our Chief Investment Officer

Will Hobbs discusses the recent bounce in equities, our outlook for the US bond market, and what they mean for your investment portfolio.

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The science and art of manager selection

Our skilled managers support your financial ambitions

The Barclays Investment Solutions team discusses how it identifies the most capable managers.

Barclays Charity Fund

Five years, five trends

Neil Cradock, Head of Charities at Barclays Wealth & Investments, looks at five key investment trends for charities.

Defensive investing

The view from our Chief Investment Officer

The global market has seen significant changes recently. Here, Will Hobbs discusses the impact, what it could mean for your portfolios, and how you can take a defensive approach.

Brexit and house prices

Diversifying may be the answer to uncertainty

An expert weighs up the current property market and portfolio diversification.

Climate change

The risks and opportunities

With climate change accelerating, investors can respond to the enormous challenges and opportunities it brings.

What happened to Goldilocks?

The current environment for investors

In this elongated economic expansion, despite various isolated pressure points, the environment for investors has been reminiscent of Goldilocks; not too warm and not too cold.

Recession risk abates

Investors wind back their estimations

We talk about the recent market rebound and what this could mean for investors.

Taking exposure to venture capital in your portfolio

Investing in Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts

UK Autumn Budget 2018

An end to austerity

In this summary, our Investment Strategy team reflects on the likely economic impact of the budget announcement.

Tackling the challenge of plastic pollution

What can investors do?

Awareness of the effects of plastic pollution is growing, boosting demand for solutions to help tackle the problem.

Six ways to invest better

Why it’s important to manage your behaviour when investing

These are common traps to try and avoid when thinking about investing. It’s important to recognise them, and how they interact together.

Motivations for impact investing

Why might you care about your portfolio’s impact?

Our latest research takes a behavioural finance perspective to examine why impact investing is resonating with investors.

Keeping calm in turbulent times

Don’t lose your focus when pressure mounts

Periods of market volatility, like those we’ve seen in February, will undoubtedly be unsettling for most investors.

Stock market volatility

Stock market volatility

Increasing volatility could bring risks and returns

William Hobbs, Barclays' Head of Investment Strategy for the UK and Europe, reviews the markets during the first quarter of 2018, covering the threat of trade tensions, swings in stock markets and the return of inflation.

Your financial future with Brexit

What does Brexit mean for your personal finances?

Toby Cross, Portfolio Management Specialist, talks to Anthony Ward, Head of Distribution for Barclays Wealth Planning, about what investors can do to protect their financial plans.

How have UK investors fared since Brexit so far?

Financial advice to support your saving

June 23 marked the two-year anniversary since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit, politics and portfolios

Looking beyond the headlines

Considering impact investing in listed markets

Making sure what you invest in matches your values and need for performance.

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