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The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you originally invested.

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7 steps to make your pension more tax efficient

Anthony Ward from our Wealth Planning team shares his views on how to ensure your pensions are tax efficient.

Fraud prevention

Financial scams take many forms

Our fraud prevention team alerts you about new scams so you can take action to avoid them.

Living lagom

Boosting happiness with the Swedish art of ‘just the right amount’

Financial security rather than possessions may be the real route to happiness.

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Reducing your inheritance tax bill

10 steps to protect your assets

Given that inheritance tax is charged at 40%, your estate will be hit with a hefty bill if you don’t take steps to protect your assets. We’ve outlined ten steps to help you organise your estate for your loved ones.

Your children and the property ladder

How to help and hot spots

We look at how you can support your children buying their first home, and the hot spots they may want to consider to achieve a balance between affordability, opportunity and lifestyle.

Planning your business exit

How to get the most value from your business

Entrepreneurs only get one chance to extract value from their business, so it’s important to make it count. Taking a close look at your motivation, the details of your business and likely buyers can help you plan a successful exit.

Structuring your wealth tax efficiently

Getting help to achieve your goals

Our recent client survey showed that the task clients most value our support with is personalised advice on structuring their wealth. Anthony Ward, from our Wealth Planning team, looks at how we help clients structure their wealth tax efficiently to achieve their individual goals.

Your future finances

What living longer means for retirement planning

Andrew Hall, Director of Barclays Wealth & Investments, and Chartered Financial Planner, considers the benefits of thinking long-term.

Just giving?

A look at how to put your donations to work

There are several steps you can take to ensure your charitable donations are used appropriately and make a real difference.

Thinking about fraud

Cognition is key to combating fraud

In an age where technology can go a long way to protect us all from fraud, why do many scams still work?

Should you transfer your personal pensions?

Transferring your personal pensions

Should you consolidate?

We highlight a few things to consider before you consolidate your pensions.

Seven steps to financial freedom

Ensure you can do what you want in life

Financial freedom is often described as peace of mind that your finances will allow you to do what you want in life. Whether this is knowing you’re progressing towards your personal goals or having confidence your money will last for your lifetime and allow you to leave a legacy.

Reducing Inheritance Tax

Using Business Property Relief to your tax advantage

Certain types of investment can reduce your Inheritance Tax bill beyond current thresholds. We explain how.

Inheritance and passing on wealth

Inheritance and passing on wealth

How to prepare future generations for wealth

Making early plans for inheritance can provide significant reward.

Late-life entrepreneurs

Time to start on your own?

“I just didn’t want to work for someone else any more,” says Jane Kellock, one of a new breed of late-stage entrepreneurs.

Do you need an estate plan?

What’s an estate plan and is it right for you?

Loss of privacy, children and the size of your estate are some of the key considerations Anthony Ward discusses in this article.

Planning for school fees

Financial advice to support your saving

When it comes to saving for private school fees, you can’t start planning soon enough.

Planning for retirement

Aubrey de Grey, Cambridge University geneticist, postulates that somebody alive today can expect to live to 1000 years old. His prediction may be extreme – but our lives are getting longer.

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