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Introduction to the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

The EIS provides investors with incentives to support new, innovative and high-risk companies. Find out how it impacts you.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested. Tax rules can change in future. Their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

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Protecting my wealth

People can tend to overlook the importance of protecting their own wealth. Our Wealth Planners can help you discover how to protect your wealth.

How to minimise Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax mitigation can have a huge impact on your loved ones. Discover how we can help you to understand how to mitigate Inheritance Tax.

Preparing for tax rises after coronavirus

In this article Anthony Ward, Head of our Wealth Planning team, considers why achieving tax diversification with your wealth could be the answer.


Is it better to have more than one pension?

Mike Romatowski, Barclays Wealth Planner, looks at the benefits and drawbacks of pension consolidation.


The Budget and your wealth

Three areas for review and action

Following the tax announcements in the Budget, Anthony Ward, Head of our Wealth Planning team, reflects on the three key questions clients should consider now and seek advice on.


Structuring wealth to reduce tax

To achieve long-term financial goals

As the saying goes, in life there are only two certainties: death and taxes. Whilst neither can be avoided, understanding how investments can work more tax efficiently through appropriate structuring is crucial in helping investors to achieve their long-term financial goals.


Taking exposure to venture capital in your portfolio

Investing in Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts

While the UK is globally renowned as a home for early-stage technology companies to pursue rapid growth, what’s less well known are the personal tax incentives offered to UK high-net-worth investors in those businesses. This is surprising when these tax incentives are among the most generous reliefs of their kind worldwide, and have now existed in one form or another for well over two decades.

Structure your wealth

A window of opportunity to structure your wealth tax efficiently

As the Chancellor has cancelled the Budget, there is a window of opportunity for investors to structure their wealth tax efficiently before the highly predicted tax rises.

Below, Anthony Ward, head of our Wealth Planning team, shares his views on potential future tax rises.

Planning your business exit

How to get the most value from your business

Entrepreneurs only get one chance to extract value from their business, so it’s important to make it count.

5 tax rises that could pay for Coronavirus

Which could these be?

Uncertainties caused by Coronavirus mean tax rises seem beyond doubt. The question isn’t if, but more likely when, and which taxes could these be?

Can we help you with your inheritance tax bill?

In the recent Budget, the Government made no changes to the inheritance tax (IHT) rules, and the headline rate remains at 40%.

Wealth Planning case study

Put the future in focus

Here, we look at a couple who found themselves needing comprehensive financial advice following the sale of the family business.

Stay safe online

Stay safe online this Christmas and beyond

The season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is upon us. While Christmas is a time many of us like to lavish gifts on our nearest and dearest, it can also be a time when fraudsters prey on unsuspected shoppers and you need to stay alert.

7 steps to make your pension more tax efficient

Anthony Ward from our Wealth Planning team shares his views on how to ensure your pensions are tax efficient.

Financial scams

Financial scams take many forms

Our fraud prevention team alerts you about new scams so you can take action to avoid them.

Living lagom

Boosting happiness with the Swedish art of ‘just the right amount’

Financial security rather than possessions may be the real route to happiness.

Reducing your inheritance tax bill

10 steps to protect your assets

Given that inheritance tax is charged at 40%, your estate will be hit with a hefty bill if you don’t take steps to protect your assets. We’ve outlined ten steps to help you organise your estate for your loved ones.

Your children and the property ladder

How to help and hot spots

We look at how you can support your children buying their first home, and the hot spots they may want to consider to achieve a balance between affordability, opportunity and lifestyle.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested. Tax rules can change in future. Their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

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