How to register for Barclays Mobile Banking

We’ve a number of ways to get set up

Choose the way you want to register. You can now register using PINsentry, your debit card or at one of our cash machines.

What do I need to do?

You’ll need one of the below to complete your registration

  • PINsentry

    Step 1

    • Open the app
    • Create a 5-digit code and enter it, and then re-enter it
    • Enter your mobile number, account details and your name
    • Tap ‘Continue’

    Step 2

    • You’ll receive a text message from us that includes a 6-digit passcode – tap this into the app

    Step 3

    • Tap ‘Use PINsentry’ and enter the last 4 digits from the long number on your debit card
    • Slide your debit card into the PINsentry card reader and press the ‘Respond’ key. Type in your PIN and press ‘Enter’
    • The card reader will display an 8-digit code – enter this into the app and tap ‘Verify’

    Don’t have a PINsentry card reader? Register using just your debit card and you’ll still have access to the app’s core features. You can upgrade to the full version any time – just wait until you receive your PINsentry device or visit a Barclays branch or cash machine.

    You can order a PINsentry device by calling us on 0345 600 2323 or by following these steps in Online Banking:

    • Log in
    • Select the ‘Move money’ tab at the top of the screen
    • Go to ‘View all online services’, then select ‘Order’ under the ‘Manage accounts’ section
    • Select PINsentry card reader
    • Follow the on-screen instructions   

    Please note: Barclays Wealth Management clients also have the option of registering with an activation code. If you’d like to do this instead, and you’re a Wealth client, please follow these instructions. 

  • Debit card

  • Cash machine

  • Upgrade to the full version of the app

Barclays Mobile Banking app

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