A man holding up a personalised Barclays card in front of a large picture showing the same image

Personalise your debit card

Make it as unique as you

Add an image to your card to celebrate a special person, place or moment – or choose a high-visibility card design that makes banking more accessible.

Terms and conditions [PDF, 112KB]

How does it work?

  • Use our card designer to upload your favourite photo, or choose one from our gallery 
  • If you upload your own image, please check that it meets the guidelines on this page
  • Once we've confirmed your new card is on its way, you’ll receive it within five working days
  • Your old card will work right up until your new one arrives

Is there a charge?

I have a personal account

It costs £10 to add an image to your card. You can personalise most debit cards as long as they're not for a Young Person’s Account or a Children’s Bank Account (also known as BarclayPlus). See our FAQ for more details.

I am a Premier customer

Adding an image to your debit card is free, whether you have a Premier Current Account or you meet our Premier eligibility criteria.

I need a high-visibility card

Our high-visibility cards are free – no matter what type of account you have with us. These card designs make banking more accessible for you if you’re blind, have sight impairment or difficulty reading.

Will my photo be accepted?

If you upload your own photo, please check that it meets these guidelines. If it doesn’t, we won't be able to use it to personalise your card.

You need to be the owner of the image or have permission from the image owner to use it. If your image includes another person, you need to have their consent to use it. We’ll reject the photo you upload if it features any of the following.

  • Filters
  • Money or currency
  • Famous or public figures
  • Weapons or firearms, unless in a ceremonial context
  • Alcohol, smoking or drugs

We'll also reject an image if it includes

  • Trademarks or company names, such as images marked with ™ signs
  • Images or text protected by copyright, such as images marked with © or other watermarks or notations
  • Slogans, taglines, branding, marketing or promotional products, services or images of companies
  • Images, names or nicknames of celebrities, musicians, sportspeople, entertainers, public figures, actors, cartoon characters, royal family members or other famous people
  • Contact information such as telephone numbers, website addresses, Facebook, Twitter or other social media usernames, account numbers, addresses or email addresses
  • Political statements or images relating to ethnicity or religion
  • Images of flags, except for the Union Jack/UK flag, St George’s Cross/English flag, St Andrew’s Cross/Scottish flag, the Red Dragon/Welsh flag and St Patrick’s Saltire/Northern Ireland flag. If any of these are used, they can only be images of the original national flags and must not be edited, cropped, or have any additional artwork or writing on them
  • Images, signs, symbols or text relating to money, currency, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, hatred, graffiti, betting, gambling or financial products and services
  • Sexual images or content
  • Nudity
  • Offensive material such as images, signs, symbols or text relating to violence, death, injury, racism, cruelty, profanity, obscenity, weapons, firearms, ammunition or terrorism
  • Anti-social or obscene behaviour or socially unacceptable groups
  • Content where drinking, being drunk, smoking or gambling is the focus
  • Swear words or offensive language
  • Anything that might reflect poorly or engender hostility toward company brands, including Mastercard, Visa and Barclays
  • Any reference to the Olympic Games, World Cup or any other international branded event
  • Reference to any bank, building society or monetary institution

Any questions?

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about personalised debit cards. These include the image formats you can upload, cards for joint accounts and what happens when your card expires.