A man holding up a personalised Barclays card in front of a large picture showing the same image

Personalise your debit card

Make your debit card a little more you

Personalise your debit card with your favourite photo, or choose one from our gallery.

  • Available for personal Barclays debit cards
  • Upload your photo and we’ll send you a new card with your new image
  • Your personalised card works in exactly the same way


Your personalised debit card

We’ve all got a photo that brings back great memories – be reminded of the moment every day and put it on your debit card in 4 simple steps1 – free of charge.

  • You’ll need to have a Barclays debit card
  • Use your computer, mobile phone or tablet to upload your favourite photo2. Create your own design or choose an image from our gallery
  • We’ll check it against our image guidelines and send you your new card
  • Remember, you might need to change any regular payments you have set up with your old debit card – including online shopping or subscriptions

Please note the Barclays Personalised Card service is only available on personal debit cards. The service is not available for Barclaycards or business debit cards. Please see our FAQs for more information.

Using your card

Your new card works exactly in the same way as before – it’s just a little more you.

  • Your personalised card is just as secure as non-personalised debit cards
  • If your existing card is contactless, you can continue to make purchases of up to £45 in seconds – just hold your card near the contactless reader and you’re ready to go
  • Continue to use your old card until your new card arrives, then destroy the old one by cutting through the chip and the magnetic strip
  • It’s important to protect your card details. We know you’ll want to show off your new card to your friends, but please remember not to post any images of your card online – this could increase your risk of becoming a victim of fraud

Image guidelines

Download these terms and conditions [PDF, 248KB]

Making sure you can use your photo

It’s your personalised debit card. Mostly, it’ll live in your pocket or bag – but your friends and other people may see it when you hand it over in a shop or get cash out with it. So we have to be sure that the photo is suitable and won’t hurt or offend anyone, and you have to be sure that it won’t embarrass you if someone else sees it.

Here’s a guide to what can and can’t be in your photo

Do you have permission to use it (if it’s not your photo)?

I’ve checked and the person who owns the photo says I can use it

Is someone else (apart from you) in the photo? Especially someone under 16?

I’ve checked and they’ve said I can use the photo with them in it. If there’s someone under 16 in the photo, I have permission from their parent or guardian

Does it show any private information?

I don’t see any phone numbers, addresses, emails, URLs, Facebook or Twitter usernames

Is anything in it copyright?

I don’t see any © or watermarks on it

Does it identify a company or a sponsor, or show any advertising?

I don’t see any ® or ™ signs, logos, slogans, tag lines, sponsor names, or advertising. Or anything that shows the Olympics, the World Cup, the name of a festival or big event

Could it hurt a company’s image?

I don’t see anything that could hurt Barclays, Visa®, MasterCard® or any other company

Does it show anything to do with banks or money?

I don’t see anything to do with banks (or building societies and the like) or money or currency or financial things like that

Does it show anyone famous?

I don’t see any celebrities, royals, footballers, sports stars, actors, musicians, cartoon characters, superheroes, politicians or TV personalities – or anything that shows their name or nickname

Does it show any national flags?

I’m not using a flag from any country outside the UK. If I’m using a UK flag (English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish official flag), or Manx, Cornish, or other regional flag, it’s the original flag and I haven’t edited or cropped it, or put any artwork or writing onto it

Have one more look just to be sure you think it’s suitable

Could it upset someone?

I don’t see any slogans or words to do with politics, race or religion

Is it mostly words?

All the words are in English

Could the words offend someone?

I don’t see any swear words or offensive words

Does it show anything antisocial or illegal?

I don’t see anything that shows drugs, drinking, being drunk, smoking, vaping (e-cigarettes), gambling, or people behaving badly

Is there anything else in the photo that could hurt or offend people?

I don’t see any guns, knives, bullets or weapons

I don’t see anything that shows gangs, hatred or graffiti

I don’t see anything that someone might think is sexual, rude, provocative or obscene

I don’t see anything that shows violence, cruelty, death, injury, racism, homophobia or terrorism

To give you some inspiration, watch our video to see how other customers have personalised their debit cards5. We’ve also created a special art gallery of personalised cards.