Personalising your debit card FAQs

Questions and answers about our service

What is the personalised card service?

You can make your debit card look unique – use your favourite photo or an image from our gallery. Check our image guidelines before uploading a photo.


Can I personalise any debit card?

No, only a debit card that’s for a personal current account with us. Check the first six digits of the long number on your card – if they match the numbers below, you can personalise your card

4659 21

4659 22

4659 23

4658 58

4658 59

4539 78

4539 79

4659 01

4659 02

4659 11

4596 34

4596 31

4596 35

4658 66

4596 32

Can I personalise my business debit card, cash card or Barclaycard?

Not at the moment. The service is only available for personal debit cards.

Using the Barclays Personalised Card service

What format does my image need to be and is there a size restriction?

You can upload images in any of the following formats: JPEG (.jpg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (.bmp) or TIFF. We recommend a minimum image size of 420 x 420 pixels, and a maximum file size of 10MB. If you use a low-resolution photo or zoom in too much, the image on your card may look fuzzy when it’s printed.

Can I save a design I’ve started on my mobile and then view it on my computer before ordering?

Unfortunately, you can’t save your designs to complete at a later time or on a different device. A new design session starts each time you log in, so you’ll need to complete it in one go to get your card.

Will my card number change?

Yes. If you’ve registered your card on any internet shopping sites such as Amazon, iTunes or Google Play, you may need to update the details. And if you have any recurring payments set up on your card, you’ll need to contact the recipient and tell them of the change.

I have a joint account – will both cards be replaced if I personalise my card?

No, cards are personalised individually and only your card will change. The other account holder can continue with a standard card, or personalise their card with an image of their choice.

I have more than one Barclays current account – will all of my debit cards be replaced if I personalise my card?

No, cards are personalised individually and we’ll only personalise the card that you tell us about when using the card designer. You can choose to personalise any other eligible debit cards you hold with us with the same image or a different one.

Can I see what my card will look like before I order?

Yes, you’ll be able to see the final look of your card on screen. You can then choose to proceed, or if you want to make changes, you can go back and alter the image, or select a completely new image.

What happens after I’ve placed an order?

We’ll email you within 24 hours to either confirm your order, or let you know your image hasn’t met our image guidelines and invite you to try again. We’ll use the email address that you provide as part of the process.

What happens if you don’t accept my image?

We’ll email you within 24 hours of making your application to let you know if your image hasn’t met our image guidelines. You’ll be invited to try again.

How will you use my email address? 

We’ll only use the email address you provide to confirm your order, or to tell you if your image hasn’t met our guidelines. If your email address is already used for another purpose by us, that won’t change.

What if I change my contact details?

Please let us know by contacting your nearest branch or by calling the Telephone Banking number on the back of your card.

I don’t want a personalised card anymore. How can I get a non-personalised one?

You can revert to a standard card any time. Just call the Telephone Banking number on the back of your card and we’ll send you a new, standard card.

I ordered a new card yesterday as my existing card was lost. Can I choose an image to go on my new card today?

As we’ll already have started the process to replace your card, you won’t be able to change or add an image until you’ve received your new card.

What happens if I change my account?

If your new account supports our personalised card service, your existing personalised card will continue to be valid. Otherwise, we’ll send you a new, standard card for free.

Will my card have the same image when it’s replaced on expiry?

Yes, whenever we reissue a personalised card to you it will have the same image that you previously chose for your card.

Where can I go if I need more help?

You can go to your nearest branch, use the Telephone Banking number that appears on the back of your card or chat with us using our app.