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Your new Online Banking

Online banking and security

We’ve changed Online Banking to bring you great new features, simpler processes and easier-to-use navigation.

What hasn’t changed is our focus on security – it remains our top priority.

Your new homepage

  • We've replaced the old At a Glance (or My Portfolio for business accounts) with Accounts home.
  • As well as getting a quick overview of all your accounts, you can now carry out several tasks without leaving the homepage. These include making a payment or transfer, updating your personal details, tracking a payment and exporting your data.
  • You can move your accounts up and down your list so your most important ones appear at the top.


Navigation is simpler

  • The main blue navigation bar now runs across the page with a dropdown menu displaying all the links you need in one place.
  • There's a complete site map at the bottom of every page.
  • You can return to the homepage at any point by selecting Accounts home in the left of the blue menu bar.

Shortcuts for your most common tasks

There are now 5 shortcuts available for your Accounts home page, which allow you to carry out common tasks without navigating away from your accounts.

These are a quick version of the full task – there may be occasions (for example, setting up a new payee) when you'll need to use the full version.

The 5 shortcuts are Transfer money, Make a payment, Track my payments, My details and Export my data.

You can remove these from the homepage if you want by selecting the close button on each function. To get them back, click the ‘Add more to this page’ button in the top blue menu bar and locate the box you need. Then just select the Add button.

To access the full service, either select the shortcut name or go to Account services in the top blue menu bar.

More changes

  • We‘ve updated log-in so you can choose the details you use to identify yourself – either your 12-digit membership number, your Barclays debit card number or your sort code and account number. Also, PINsentry users can now have both a passcode log-in and PINsentry so you can choose how you access the service. Remember that PINsentry gives you access to all services. Look for Account services in the top blue menu bar to manage your log-ins.
  • The top blue menu bar includes a link to the Help Centre. This is packed with useful information on using the new Online Banking service.
  • We’ve introduced international payments and same day domestic payments.

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